Well here we are, ladies and gentlemen

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from someone we lost in 2016, his presence was a blinding light and I’m so pleased to have been to see him live. Courtesy of YouTube and apologies if the video doesn’t play for you, copyright is owned by Paisley Park and Warner Brothers so please enjoy the music.

There is a post going the rounds on twitter at the moment from someone called Mando, responding to a tweet from @thehill regarding a rape. The victim was an unconscious virgin who had blacked out for reason(s) unknown. The rapist is an ex-frat president and he will serve no jail time as part of his plea deal. Mando (@WarriorSix11B) tweeted and this is a quote:

“Let this be a lesson, teach your daughters not to become victims, they are not men, men can pass out drunk/drug and typically don’t get raped, some may, but guess what, that man will accept responsibility for his actions and live life accordingly. Women are not men!”

I responded telling him that anyone here would do jail time but I think it’s about time we all started standing up for each other again. If I saw a woman passed out I wouldn’t rape her or leave her lying where she could be raped. I would try to help her and, if I knew where she lived, would help her home.

We need to ensure anyone who rapes a woman does not get off without jail time no matter the plea deal struck. This is assault pure and simple and we cannot allow the perpetrator to get away with it. Enough is enough and women have suffered more than enough. I think that rapists should be tried in a court presided over by a woman, the jury pool should be all female and the DA (in the USA) or CPS prosecutor (in the UK) should be a woman. That way victims will not feel intimidated by her attacker as much and has a much better chance of seeing him locked up so he can’t repeat his crime with someone else.

Letting him off without jail time is an insult to his victims he has already assaulted and also to the victims he will go on to assault in the future. Jail time is the only deterrent currently available and if he doesn’t do jail time then what message does this send to women? They may be believed but if their attacker pleads down he can get away with the attack with only a slap on the wrist.

Assault is wrong, we cannot condone this and be seen to condone it. It is unacceptable in a civilised country to think that you can get away with assault and rape. A message needs to be sent telling anyone that if they take advantage of a woman they will do jail time for it, in the general population, with fathers of girls and deserve everything that happens to them in there.

I have said it before and I will say it again, if a woman says no it means NO. If a woman has passed out that means NO, unless she absolutely says YES then having sex with her is rape, pure and simple. Married to her or living with her makes no difference, NO means NO and if you ignore that then you are guilty of rape and deserve jail time. The only thing that means it is consensual is when she tells you YES, verbally or in writing if she can’t speak. Anything else is rape, rape is assault, assault is illegal (rightly so) and when the victim was a virgin then jail time is the only logical course of action.

Not even the POTUS should be above the law and he should do jail time for all the rapes and misogynistic comments he has made during his life time. Never before has someone so full of hate for everyone except himself, who openly uses drugs, been in such a position of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anyway, to finish up this post, I am definitely not the only one who feels that rapists should be punished, nor am I the only male who feels justice should be seen to be carried out especially when it comes to rape of a woman. Let me know whether you agree with me that every one who rapes another human being deserves to serve jail time for his crime, whether he pleads guilty or not. Thank you for reading.