All the colors of the world should be lovin’ each other wholeheartedly

by davebarclay1954

Here we are, less than 3 weeks left in 2018 and hate is all around us still. Here is an uplifting song (apologies if the video doesn’t play in your neck of the woods but I don’t have any influence over YouTube or Google). The Jacksons with a very uplifting message for everyone. Copyright is owned by Universal Music not me and the video is courtesy of YouTube.

I have noticed politicians come in for a lot of hate, some of them deserve to feel this but, friends and colleagues, do we have to drop to their level? There are a lot of people, like myself, who don’t trust politicians to do what is best for anyone except themselves. That is the nature of the world at the moment, when you see the leader of the free world colluding with a foreign power to grab power and then try to hold on to it any way he can, even if it means acting illegally, it does not bode well for anyone except him.

Politics and politicians in recent years have come under increasing scrutiny and rightly so. Those with nothing to hide have been completely above board and open in everything they do. Those who lie and cheat their way to the top don’t want anything they do to come into the public domain so they keep everything locked up and hidden. An innocent man welcomes an investigation into his dealings because he has nothing to hide, the guilty are the ones who try to stop the investigation any way they can. Even down to criticising those carrying out the investigation.

The ones who yell “Witch hunt” loudest are the ones who have the most to hide and they are the ones who will lose the most if their illegal activities are discovered. When tRump shouts that the investigation into his dealings with Russia won’t find anything he knows they will if they keep digging. If he said those responsible for ensuring that American politics are on the up and up and no collusion took place to influence the voters by a foreign government, which he won’t do, you would know he has nothing to hide as it is all out there for anyone to see.

Here in the UK we have a Prime Minister who is hell bent on holding onto power regardless, knowing the Brexit negotiations only benefit the top 1% she wants this pushed through and accepted to stamp her mark on history. During the referendum she pushed for Remain, now she has done an about face, the referendum was too close to accept any deal and the people should be given the chance to decide whether or not to accept the deal on offer, leave without a deal (and bankrupt the country) or withdraw Article 50 and Remain at the heart of a united Europe. Sovereignty and keeping control of our borders doesn’t enter the equation at all. The truth is we are a middling economy with no hope of standing in the modern world on our own.

You know how bad things are when a former deputy Prime Minister who was all for pulling out of Europe in the 1980’s tells the country we will fall on our own in the modern world there is something to be gained by remaining part of a united Europe and a whole lot to be lost by leaving. The parliamentary vote to accept or decline the agreement for Brexit was postponed indefinitely, but we only have until March to decide whether or not to accept the offer, decline the offer and leave anyway, or withdraw Article 50 and Remain part of something which is needed in the modern world. This has to be passed back to the people and we can decide now that we are better informed of what Brexit will actually cost this country in jobs, economic importance and standing in the modern world. You know tRump won’t back his promises of a free trade agreement with the USA because he has enough problems at home.

We deserve a better Government, one which will unite the people, and equalise society so that 99% of the wealth is no longer controlled by 1% of the population. As long as we maintain the status quo of a Conservative Government bowing down to the 1% we can not have a fair and just society. America is no longer the outstanding country it once was, it has become a joke thanks to POTUS45, he has been bankrupted more often than any other president before him. He was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, yet talks of patriotism, he has never shown any signs of patriotism. He shouts and bullies anyone who stands in his way of holding onto power, he is completely paranoid and is, supposedly, the leader of the free world yet he allows Russia and China (the modern Axis of what is wrong in the world) to listen in to every conversation he has about security in the US.

We need to get rid of the current Government in the UK at the next General Election and the US has to change the current regime as soon as they can, either by impeachment and indicting the POTUS and forcing him and his VP out of office, or in 2020 by electing whoever stands for the Democrats. GOP won because the opposition was divided in 2016, the opposition has to unite in 2020 if tRump is not going to get a second bite of the cherry and completely bankrupt America and destroy the planet once and for all.

On a much lighter note, I feel that today is the first day in a long time that I can relax, take some time for me and not feel guilty doing it. I have some really good friends and even though I don’t always tell you, dear reader, I do appreciate all the love that comes pouring back to me from you. I feel blessed to have such a positive and loving family on here, most of whom I won’t meet, but really you all help me to get by and take each day as it comes. No need to worry about what is happening around me when I have friends in every corner of this planet we all call home. If I can help someone to survive these troubled times it is because of all of you helping me.

Please share the love with those around you, we are all travellers on this small insignificant rock revolving around and circling the sun. I thank each and everyone of you for making me who I am, reminding me what I can achieve and looking out for each other is the most important thing we can do. There was a video I saw this morning of an elephant stuck in a trough upside down, his mother was panicking as there were lions around but a nearby herd came and distracted the lions long enough that the baby elephant was saved. That is what makes a society, and a neighbourhood, helping one another to survive and live to tell the tale of our struggle.

There was also something yesterday which struck me as a human being and it was from someone ordinary, not a celebrity, he said that if you get a flat tyre and end up missing an important meeting that is going to spoil your day. If asked how your day was you will probably mention the flat tyre, you may also mention how things turned out because of that flat tyre but the flat will come up as it was what affected your day.

If asked when you are 90 what your life was like, you know that flat tyre won’t come up because it was only one day out of a lifetime. Why worry about the little things? We make them important at the time but learn how to get over things and you will lead a much happier and more fruitful life than you currently do. I am trying to learn that lesson and focus on the positives which happen every day and drown out the little upsets from my day so I don’t end up back in the blackness of my mind, listening to that bull snorting and scraping its legs because I can’t do things. One day at a time and one victory at a time, that’s really all any of us can do.

Hate has been winning for far too long, love is the new power in the universe and we can achieve more with love than anyone has ever done with hate. Please let me know what you think, what you feel and what you love, together we can survive and thrive. Do something for someone else and let’s make a difference in one life at a time. Once again, thank you for listening, reading, and making a difference in my life. Here’s to the next 12 months and hopefully we can all make a difference every month to turn someone around.