No sense in sitting there hating everyone

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the kings of prog rock, Jethro Tull, and the song Teacher. I don’t own the copyright to this song and the video may not play in every country, for that I apologise if it doesn’t play in your neck of the woods. If you can watch it then please enjoy.

I have almost finished the book I was sent to critique and will be reviewing it on Amazon and iBooks once I have finished but thought I would share with you my thoughts on the author, before getting into a discussion (if people respond then we can get a dialogue going) on the demise of democracy.

The book is Ascent by Morgan Rice, she is a wonderful teller of stories and writes over a few genres, I know what you think Jack of all trades master of none but you’d be wrong. Her writing is powerful and her characters are full of honesty, even the bad ones. I have read a lot of different authors and Morgan is definitely up there with the best of them all. While other authors have based most of their stories in one distinct genre of writing they can all write in other genres as story-telling at its best is universal.

Morgan Rice always makes her characters seem 3 dimensional, it is too easy to leave things to the imagination in regards to a characters descriptions and back story. Morgan doesn’t give the back story in full at the beginning of a series but adds to it as the tale goes on. Most of her stories are not limited to one book but will form a series, indeed Ascent is Book 3 in The Invasion Chronicles but is the first of this series I have read.

Having read a few of Morgan Rice’s books I have begun to appreciate the depth to her characters. You know that all of the main characters in her series will be given more of the back story as the tale unfolds and that means you can become invested in them, their trials, tribulations and suffer with them when things go wrong as well as celebrating with them when things go well. If you want to read her books they are widely available through book-stores in paperback and online in e-readers format from Amazon and Apple.

I currently have two books on the go, the one mentioned above, Ascent, and Harry’s last stand mentioned earlier this week. To return to Harry’s Last Stand, he has said that democracy demands that we all use our vote to make our voices heard. Americans learned that lesson in 2016, when POTUS elect 45 turned out to be Donald tRump. Since then there have been allegations of voter fraud, some of which have now proven to be correct, sour grapes actions to limit the teeth available to incoming senators and representatives who are Democrats by the displaced Republicans.

Like America, Britain has a first past the post system for elections which means that we also have a 2 horse race for control of Parliament. Labour have now returned to their origins under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, while New Labour were elected for promising more of the same old Tory mis-management of the country to favour the 1%-ers who seem to control the current Government.

For democracy to work it seems so obvious that people have to use their vote and create the change they want to see. Yet to most of the people able to vote they sit at home and refuse to use their vote. This leaves our Parliament run by a party which may not be the best one for the country as a whole, but they are the one who got the most votes through the ballot box. It seems strange to Harry Smith, and myself, that with online banking we still have not got the option for online voting from home. There are ways to ensure the system is kept secure and this would give everyone the opportunity to vote when they have time rather than having to go out in person, either to vote or else to post a ballot paper back when they have a postal vote. Postal votes would become a thing of the past if there was the opportunity to vote online.

I know we have several parties here in the UK but there is not a chance that the smaller parties or independents will be given enough votes to form a Government. In times of trouble we have ended up with coalition Governments which do not work in the best interests of anyone as Government is strained. We had austerity measures put in place following the introduction of the coalition Governments in 1929 and 2010, these made the poor poorer while the wealthy increased their profit margins or went to the wall. Who missed the companies who were destroyed? The poor, as the ones which didn’t survive the Great Depression or the Credit Crunch were those offering quality goods at reasonable prices with very low profit margins.

If we continue to sit at home without voting then big business will continue to influence Governments in order to avoid paying their way. Avoiding paying the taxation businesses are able to pay but only what they want to pay is legal but wrong. Government should be taking higher taxation payments from those able to pay and less from those who have less disposable income. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is not the case. The rich who earn billions of pounds every year will send most of their earnings to offshore countries offering tax relief rather than pay tax on their earnings.

Anyone with savings doesn’t want their savings taxed, quite rightly if they have less than £1m, however, if they have more than £1m why not agree to pay tax of 10 or 15 per cent on this to help the Government to balance the books? After all they will get interest of more than that on their savings. They are not subject to the same constraints as the poorest in society. The reason they don’t want to pay tax on their savings is because they pay tax on the interest, however, it is not fair that they have savings when the poor don’t manage from pay day to pay day on zero hour contracts.

There is so much injustice today I can understand why people don’t want to vote for either of the main parties because there was nothing to choose between them. Both Tory and New Labour were listening to big business and the 1% and made laws and passed bills to protect their profits. Jeremy Corbyn wants to return to the Labour practices which levelled the playing field by sharing the wealth around among everyone in the UK. Why shouldn’t everyone pay according to ability in order to promote the ideals of society as a whole?

Is democracy finished as a force in the modern world? Can we not do anything to promote our leaders to consider everyone and not just the elite when passing laws and gaining revenue from all to pay for the services to benefit everyone? Please add your voice to the discussion by commenting or linking this post to a post of your own. Let’s see how the majority feel in the UK, the USA, Australia and NZ about democracy in their countries. Thank you for reading.