Be nice and have fun in the sun

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the Small Faces in 1967, copyright isn’t owned by me and the video is shared courtesy of YouTube from a German tv show, hope you like it.

There are a few petitions taking off on regarding the Brexit agreement, most call for a peoples vote on the proposals because the electorate in the UK now know the Leave campaign lied to them about the savings to be made if we left the EU. However, there are also some calling for Brexit at any cost because “That is what was decided in 2016 when there were only 4% more in favour of Brexit than Remain.”

Democracy has to be seen to be effective and the Tories, under Theresa May, have not negotiated a package we should be happy with. The Tories have never been the party of the common man, and they are trying to sell us out by taking us out of the EU while leaving us in. The proposal on the table will leave us subject to the laws passed by the EU, and paying for the privilege, while not having a say in what those laws are. This will continue until the EU decide we can leave, the end date will not be set in stone so it could go on for decades, or longer.

Now the facts have become clear we need a peoples vote with 3 options on the referendum:

1 – To accept the current proposal which is not in our best interests as a Nation,

2 – To opt to leave with no agreement with the EU, and

3 – To Remain inside the EU giving us the power to decide which laws get passed by the EU to become law inside the member states.

While I have no wish to go against the referendum result from 2016, much has been discovered since then to negate that referendum decision. We were told that we would be stronger outside the EU – false. We would have more to spend on our welfare state, neither recent Tory Governments or Labour have agreed to this and they have both tried to destroy the safety net of the welfare state since 1979, this also is false. We were told that immigration is an issue and we should take back control of our borders, the biggest issue facing the working class in this once great country of ours isn’t immigration but rather the ruling and upper class. Wages have stagnated, zero hour contracts are now the norm in retail, poverty is on the rise and more people than ever face the prospect of going cold and hungry because they haven’t got enough money to cover their bills never mind feed their families.

The Great Depression following the crash of 1929 should have showed us that austerity didn’t work. Profits rose among the companies who pressed their workforce to accept reductions in staffing and wages, other companies who tried to weather the storm went to the wall throwing millions onto the scrap heap. The recession caused by the so-called Credit Crunch in 2008 has shown the same things happening today. Luckily we had the Welfare State to soften the blow, but it is no longer fit for purpose as successive Governments since 1979 have watered it down.

Benefit cheats are not costing the country billions, no matter what the media want you to believe, the few people who cheat the system are not millionaires, no the millionaires are now billionaires because they still generate wealth on the backs of the poor. Benefit cheats are not trying to make a buck, they are trying to survive by milking the system. The system would not be there at all if Thatcher had had her way, she wanted a return to the days of her past when the middle and upper classes were the only ones who could save money, the working class “knew their proper place – on their knees” and only the wealthy could afford health care, food and somewhere decent to live.

You don’t have to believe me, take a look at the people using food banks, they are those who should receive benefits but have had sanctions placed against them for not following the rules. They are working people on zero hour contracts who have not been given any work, or reduced working hours, and can no longer pay their way. People are becoming homeless because they can’t afford their rent. Prescriptions are uncollected in England because people can’t afford to pay for them.

This is not the England I signed up for. I want to see a return to the England which cared about people, shared the wealth around and didn’t use scare tactics to keep the working class down trodden and feeling grateful for any work at any price. I want to belong in a country which is fair and just. Feeding its people as a matter of course, the current Labour leadership may be weak, but it is the only alternative open to many of the working class, retired people from my generation who didn’t have the money to pay for private pension pots to keep them in luxury.

Jeremy Corbyn is a good man and he is trying to keep the Government in check and responsible for everyone’s welfare. I urge the working class to get behind him and remember that they have been lied to by successive Governments since 1979, all we want is a fair days wage for a fair days work. No more, and certainly no less. We need to let Parliament know that the politicians are there to do our bidding, if they won’t they need to feel the wrath of the electorate and be out of a job come the next election. My MP is Labour and she is doing everything she can to protect this country from the Theresa May’s and David Cameron’s who want to build on the work started by Margaret Thatcher to destroy the welfare state and divide the working classes. After all it is easier to subdue a divided working class than it is to control a united one.

We were destroying the old class structure through the 1950’s and 1960’s, unions were strong and wanted to promote the welfare of their members, then in the 1970’s that started to go awry, not because the unions were too strong but because they tried to use the strike as the means of first resort rather than the last resort it should have been. The unions were not the enemy of the people, the enemy of the people were the faceless corporations which sought to keep their high profit margins and wanted Thatcher to take on the unions and get the working class back on their knees in their proper place.

We need strong leadership to get back on track with the reduction of the class system in this country. We need to be allied with the rest of Europe to give us a strong voice in the world. Without Europe we will be nothing, ignored, forgotten and downtrodden. This nation has to be rebuilt from the bottom and the best man to do that is Jeremy Corbyn. We need, as working people, to get behind him and make him stronger. We have to have the courage to back our principles for a fairer society. When David Cameron said we were all in this together, what he meant was the poor had to suffer hardship because there were too many who wanted to preserve their profit margins and even increase these.

We are not all equal any longer, education is once again being placed fairly and squarely in the hands of the elite, if you can afford to pay for it then you can get it and get on, if you can’t then you will be left behind. This is the 21st century, welcome to the politics and realities of the 18th. Wake up Britain before it’s too late and take control of your future before you end up unable to get health care unless you can pay, dental care is only available now to those who can afford it. Benefits will be phased out in the coming decades because the Government will tell you there are too many trying to take more of a reducing pot. If the welfare state went back to the initial ideals of everyone paying what they can afford so that those in need could receive the benefit there would be no shortage of funds available for doctors, nurses, dentists and teachers. Education should be open to everyone not just the elite who can afford it. Education feeds us all into the same system and encourages more people to become better citizens because it levels the playing fields, that’s why the elite want to stop the working class having access to education.