But if you want money for people with minds that hate

by davebarclay1954

Music today is an inspired choice based on the book I am currently reading: Harry’s Last Stand (cover illustration above) and is by the Fab Four from the B-side of Hey Jude and (slowed down) from the White Album. Not sure which version this is but please enjoy it anyway, copyright is owned by Northern Songs and Universal Music and is used courtesy of YouTube.

This morning I woke up with buzzing in my ears and no other sound audible to my ears. I tried cleaning them out (against Doctors Orders) and have succeeded in making them much worse than they should be at this time of day. I can hardly hear anything at all but thought I should let you know of a book I am reading at the moment. The cover is shown above and the tale is one man’s story of growing up in poverty during the years before the Great Depression, fighting during the Second World War and the beginnings of the Welfare State.

He has lived through the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s before witnessing the dismantling of the Welfare State in the 1980’s and the introspection brought on by the capitalist ideals of Thatcher and Reagan which almost destroyed any feeling of society that had been built up since 1947. His words will show how dangerous Thatcherism was (and is) since it favours the rich at the cost of the poor. Of course, tRump is doing much the same thing in America today. His slogan may have been Make America Great Again but all he is doing is making tRump richer at the expense of the poor idiots who put him in the White House. The irony is the Resisters saw through him and his lies along with his alliance with Putin, his supporters believe all the lies he is still telling.

Reminds me of 2 families in Italy who almost destroyed the Roman Catholic Church by becoming Popes one after the other, the Borgias and the Medici’s. He, however, seems worse than either family on its own and is trying to become a mega billionaire at the American tax payers expense. Certainly, not his own as by his own admission he has not paid any tax in years, and some argue he has never paid tax in his life. He should remember that the FBI got Al Capone on tax fraud and evasion.

His story reads like no other in recent memory, in fact the nearest any previous POTUS came was in the early 1970’s when Nixon was investigated for voter fraud and was found guilty. In that instance his VP became President and pardoned him for his wrong-doing. Pence won’t be able to do that as he is just as guilty as Donny, his hands black and he is as big a racist and misogynist as his boss.

The investigation being overseen by Mueller is being lied to by the tRump family and others in the know (who admitted they knew about Russia money buying the Presidency but so what?) Every politician gets funding from dubious sources so it should be no surprise that Russia gave money to back pledges to the election fund from the NRA and others in 2016. The hacking of votes so that Hillary Clinton could not be seen to win (everyone of the Resistance is now demanding she be declared POTUS45 when tRump is impeached and imprisoned).

Anyway, going back to the book and the Welfare State in Britain, it was set up to take from all, according to ability to pay, and given to those in need in their time of need. Since Thatcher, every Prime Minister has destroyed that more and more by lowering the threshold at the top where people stop paying, also lowering the bottom threshold similarly, leaving the system with less money than it needs to function. If the rich were to pay what they can afford then the NHS and DWP would not be clamouring out that they need more cash as people are living longer and using the Health Service more as well as needing a pension longer. Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron and now May are continuing to punish the poor for not having enough money to live on when they do everything they can to promote the wealthy and increase their wealth.

Zero hour contracts mean that a person is off benefits, if they don’t work and don’t earn anything they starve and can’t pay their rent, buy food or live decently. This is being done in the name of the country by the Government. The country is being turned back into racists because the media have once again started to report immigration levels as unsustainable. The thing is, we should open the border up but change the rules about when someone can claim benefits, housing and furniture off the state. At the moment it is one rule of the natives and a completely different set of rules for those who come here to work and, therefore, increase the GDP. Someone born in the UK who becomes self employed has 12 months to make a go of things before they become liable for tax. They, however, have to pay NI contributions from Day 1. Someone coming into the country to start a business has 5 years tax free and a long time before they make any NI contributions. (These NI Contributions are what are supposed to support the Welfare System in place). While successive governments have been screaming austerity affects everyone and we are all in the same boat, you can bet they don’t have to spend time without income while living payday to payday. The recession has been caused by the banks lending money to each other to offset those mortgages which they knew were going to default. The bankers at the top are still getting huge bonuses even though they no longer have the funds available to pay them to themselves.

How is that all being in the same boat? Some of us are in the water and our life jackets are deflating while the fat cats sit inside the boat with plenty of room passing round the brandy and cigars. They can only afford these luxuries because of those outside the boat in the water bailing like mad to keep them afloat. If they don’t care about the working man and won’t guarantee a decent living wage to everyone how long do they think it will be before a revolution takes place?

Look back in history and the Peasants Revolt, the Industrial Revolution meant the fat cats were getting fatter on the labour by the working classes. In 1917, Russia was faced with a Revolution and the working class took over the country and spread to neighbouring countries very quickly to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Don’t think that would happen here? We have had riots in recent times to protest about Government policies which were unfair to the poor, next time it won’t be a riot it will be a revolution and I would hate to see the UK destroyed because politicians ignored the people who put them in Parliament and can remove them just as easily.

The common man is complacent until things get really bad but then they will speak up against the inequality, this has been happening now for decades, before looking for a leader to help guide them to victory in a revolution. That leader is here now, but his following is small but growing. That leader is speaking out against tyranny of the rich and wants them to pay their fair share, not more than they can afford but it will reduce their profits. Tax breaks given to the rich never filter down to the bottom. The rich will take their tax break money and buy a bigger yacht, bigger house abroad for holidays, anything to show off their wealth to their friends and neighbours. We need to wake up and see that the rich will do anything to keep hold of their wealth but there are more of us than them and they should be frightened of losing the propaganda war they are waging to keep the poor divided. As Thatcher found out, keeping the poor divided and reporting on each other is a good way to keep power for yourself.

Someone else did that earlier in the 20th century, he took it too far though and the World fought for 6 years to prove him wrong. That man was Adolf Hitler, and he knew that the majority of decent Germans would remain quiet until it was too late to stop him, that much he was right about. Ordinary German citizens were encouraged to watch their neighbours and report any behaviour likely to disrupt the Nazi party. Thatcher started that off here, others have taken up the baton and run with it since, enough is enough, benefit cheats may cost the country a lot when taken together but the Government is costing the country more every day and there are less of them doing it.