I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together

by davebarclay1954

Music is from those fabs, this time from Magical Mystery Tour their home made (or should that be hand made?) movie project for television audiences Christmas 1967. Once again the clip is provided by YouTube and the copyright is owned by Universal Music/Northern Songs, enjoy.

There is a disgusting piece of film which has gone viral, much to the dismay of the fools who shot it to promote their racist beliefs and rhetoric the people seeing it are calling for an example to be made of the idiots who attacked Jamal and his sister at school.

For those regular readers of my posts you know that one thing I can not stomach is racism. A friend of mine sat down and told me to look at racist jokes from a different perspective and he was totally correct, they are much funnier looked at from the opposite perspective. But then again, everything is much better when you look at it differently.

The scumbags who attacked the Syrian kids and then posted the attack on social media were hoping people would praise them for their actions, looking at the footage from a different perspective everyone has been condemning their actions because the country decent people want here is free from abuse and racism. This country used to be a healthy place to live and work in. The bigots had their day and were keeping their poisoned thoughts to themselves and their own kind. Since Brexit, there has been a surge in racist propaganda coming out and then with tRump winning (even though he had outside help to do so) the bigots thought the tide was turning to them again.

It seems they were not only wrong but incredibly stupid to think the rest of us would keep quiet when they spouted their hatred and showed anger against people coming here to escape violence at home. I refuse to keep my mouth shut and do nothing when I see wrong acts being committed. If you don’t respect this country then please feel free to leave. Those coming here to escape war and violence in their home country should be made welcome as that is what we are good at. Helping each other out when times are hard. Look at what we have achieved in the past when we pull together, we can move mountains and have done so often enough.

People are basically learning that to remain quiet when they see injustice only perpetrates that injustice and makes the bigots think they can do as they please. They can’t. tRump is going to learn that lesson the hard way very soon when he is jailed along with his son, Donny Jr. He is trying to bankrupt America before that happens but the more he shouts and incriminates himself and his crime family the sooner the cage will close and he will be trapped.

Theresa May is determined not to have a second referendum on Brexit but her negotiated deal will leave us paying into the EU coffers without a seat at the table to decide how the money is spent, it will then be up to the bureaucrats to say when we can leave and stop paying them anything. That isn’t what the country wanted in 2016 and it isn’t what the country wants now. Northern Ireland MP’s have told Mrs May they will not back this non-agreement not least because it would force a hard border in Ireland separating Northern Ireland from the Republic. The Irish don’t want a hard border and if that comes into force they will, presumably seek to have a referendum on Independence to rejoin Europe by the back door by joining Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic.

You know if that were to happen then Scotland would seek a second Independence Referendum and the mood in Scotland is totally different today than when they last voted to leave or remain within the UK. Theresa May could go down in the annals of history as the Prime Minister who broke up the United Kingdom to try and save face.

On a more positive note, if we can find it in our hearts to accept that every human being on this planet has a right to live their life without fear and violence then, just maybe, the world that most of us want to see can come a little bit closer.