Now I know how it feels for you I’ve been wanting to die

by davebarclay1954

Just for a change a song from the eldest son of John Lennon is the title for this weekend’s post. Video is from YouTube and the copyright is not owned by me.

As most of you will know, I am a huge fan of his dad, the comparisons have been made by others so I will not re-iterate them here. Suffice to say after hearing this song I went out and bought the album (Valotte) which I still enjoy listening to even after all this time.

If I could talk to any musician, alive or dead, John Lennon and George Harrison would top the list but don’t get me wrong, I would like to ask them if they had any issues in the USA when the Beatles toured there for telling the authorities they would not play unless the fans were allowed to mix. The Beatles helped to promote the Civil Rights Movement in the USA and I am proud to say I’m British because of this.

I have said in previous posts that there is nothing I will discriminate on, not gender, not sexual preference and certainly not skin colour. The other artists I would love to speak to are also dead and include Nina Simone and Billie Holiday (Lady Day). As black women they knew the worst things of racial segregation and being treated as niggers by their peers. No apologies for using the n word as it is made up and we need to take it back from the racists. John Lennon was criticised for his song Woman Is The Nigger Of The World but I understood what he was saying using language everyone could understand.

In an interview on 8 December 1980, he said the ones who took offence at the use of the n word were all the white middle class Americans, the working classes and blacks got the message and ignored the language.

The thing with language, dear reader, is it is always evolving. If it doesn’t evolve it dies, look at Latin, Egyptian and Greek. If we don’t celebrate life we will go the same way. I know how difficult that can be from certain perspectives especially at this time of year. If we can accept others for the way they are and go along with the fact we are all unique then the world can become a much brighter and better place for everyone.

There is a couple I follow on Twitter from the USA and they are currently faced with a sign in their home town which shows how small minded some Americans can be and feel empowered by their president to make their feelings public. The sign says “Diversity = White Genocide” and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Diversity is recognising everyone of us is different and celebrating our right to life.

I hope this post has made you think, entertained in some small way and brought you, my dear reader, some solace. If I have done that then I have achieved much.