Heading for your destination

by davebarclay1954

Are we so blind that we cannot see what is in front of our eyes? If people realised that only someone who is guilty as sin would try to stop an investigation into tales of corruption and debauchery. He would have his ground ripped up from under his feet. You know when someone claims they want to stop an investigation because it is out of order they have something to hide. When someone says they are going to do whatever it takes to hide the truth they must have been lying from the start.

Just how long can someone lie about everything and get caught out before they get kicked out? The higher they climb the more their every word is dissected and the more their friends are questioned for complicity. Then the shouting gets louder about a witch hunt and they won’t find anything because it has been shredded. How do they know they haven’t already dotted the i’s and crossed every t?

Is he really so stupid that he thinks he can admit his guilt and still not be prosecuted for his crimes? Does he not remember the only reason Tricky Dick wasn’t prosecuted was because of his VP?  He won’t be that lucky, Pence will try to save himself and throw the lion under the elephant in the room. Where does he think we all are? We are backing the investigation because he is being caught out in so many lies and only those who are so blind they don’t want to see are taking in his every word. These people are diminishing every day that passes so how much longer can he go on bigging up his empire for the day he is no longer POTUS?

The places around the planet he will be able to hide is diminishing as quickly as his reputation for truth. The biggest spreader of fake news is sitting in the Oval Office tweeting garbage which people are fed up with. Spreading lies which no one believes anymore. Do I feel sorry for the mess he’s in? No, I’m too busy trying to come to terms with the garbage our own dear PM has got herself into and is going to leave it to others to clean up.

Music for this post is from the annals of history, courtesy of Atlantic Records here is Led Zeppelin from their third album courtesy of YouTube.