There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown

I was reading a few tweets today which struck a chord in me. Women were saying they have to walk around men or else they get banged into several times a day. This shows me that even though we have started the transition through education we still have a long way to go.

How many women don’t report sexual abuse and rape because they fear being told it was their fault? I’ll tell you shall I, most of them. We have started educating the youth but the time has come to educate the grown-ups too. I cannot say it loudly enough that I may be a white male but I stand together with everyone who is victimised and made to feel that it is their fault. It is not their fault. We need to wake up and see the mess the politicians have made of putting things wrong by focusing on the rich and powerful for far too long. We have to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who don’t have a voice, who do have a voice but are ignored and those who want to make this world better for everyone.

POTUS 44 was someone we could trust as he was a man of the people, he never behaved inappropriately, showed compassion and (especially when Osama Bin Laden was served justice in Pakistan) joy. He was never afraid to call a spade a spade, to call out for change and try his hardest to have those changes implemented. Along with Michelle, his FLOTUS, they continue to work towards a just and fair system which is not going to be easy given the current climate in the USA. Currently the sitting POTUS is the most despised POTUS since Tricky Dick, and that is saying something.

Here in the UK the truth about the Brexit deal is that it is worse than no deal. We will be contributing to the EU coffers until they decide we can leave, without having any say in how our contributions will be spent. There will also be a hard border put in place between Northern and Southern Ireland, giving rise to a referendum in the North to leave the UK and rejoin the South (who remain in Europe) and therefore rejoin the EU by the back door.

This Government has laid down with misogynists, liars, bullies and tRump so why should we believe the lies any longer? Even her own Brexit Minister can’t bear the thought of the deal she is desperate to accept. We have long been campaigning for a second referendum on the deal thrashed out with the EU but Theresa May doesn’t want to allow this in case she loses face and the vote goes against Brexit and for Bremain. At least if we stay in we can have a say in what happens to any money we pay into the coffers of the EU.

Anyway this has been enough rant for this week please enjoy the music which was featured on the first satellite broadcast to all nations in 1967. Featuring the Fab Four and (I think) this is the version from the animated feature film Yellow Submarine. Copyringht is owned by Northern Songs and Universal Music and clip is courtesy of YouTube.