You made your bed an’ now you’re trying to hide it

by davebarclay1954

Here we are at the tail end of the weekend and once again I wish I was on my own. I am fed up with being a punch bag for my wife. She does something wrong (like spilling a drink all over the rug) when I’m nowhere near her and it’s my fault. When I ask her how it’s possibly my fault she hits me on the back of the head.

This used to be once in a blue moon but just recently it’s becoming much more frequent. I don’t know why or what I’ve done to deserve this treatment but I fail to see why I should be the one to leave. Anyway, enough of my problems and let’s get down to what has really boiled my piss today.

Remember between 2009-2017 the President of The USA was someone we could all believe in and get behind, he couldn’t do enough to try and unite the country and the West and life seemed to be getting better for everyone. Then everything changed in 2017 when the current POTUS took over the mantle and suddenly he was telling lies, sometimes such whoppers that people couldn’t see how he could get away with it, his followers treated every statement as the truth and anyone calling the President’s good name for lying would shoot, bully, intimidate and shout them down until they gave up. Now even his most powerful advocate (Rupert Murdoch) has gone silent as though he feels that there is no point in defending the man any longer as he has gone too far this time.

In Paris yesterday, the President said he didn’t feel like going to show respect for the fallen during the Great War (World War 1) as it was raining. Maybe it was raining but that would not have put off George W. Bush, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. They would have still gone and made a speech about the sacrifices made to protect others. But then they weren’t draft dodgers like tRump. I have nothing against draft dodgers who didn’t want to fight in an unjust war, the majority of them had good reasons for not going to Vietnam. tRump didn’t he just wanted to try and recoup his losses. The guy has been bankrupt so often he is misusing his position to continue doing business and boost his company while he is President.

This has to stop, and I feel sorry for the vast majority of Americans who are being duped, having faulty voting machines so that their votes for Democrat candidates were changed to votes for dead Republican candidates. Or even live GOP candidates. The entire thing reeks of tRump being the most corrupt POTUS since Tricky Dick in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Anyway, thank you for reading this rant and I’m sorry it has been a rant. Music today was a last minute deal and is from Status Quo to honour Rick Parfitt. Copyright is not owned by me and the video is from YouTube.