Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

by davebarclay1954

As promised I’m back again, writing this on my iPad so unable to copy the link here for Lazy Sunday. Hey ho, never mind. I’m thinking about anger and hate, there’s so much of the latter around these days it gives rise to the former.

Anger, when used positively, can be productive but hate only leads to violence. How do we combat hate? With love, that always takes the sting out and leaves the haters weak. I read on Twitter that a woman was assaulted on a plane and the guy told police “My president said it was ok to behave that way towards women”. If the President of the USA thinks it’s ok to assault women or any other human being he should be locked up and the key thrown away.

I’m sorry ladies, you deserve respect from everyone, as do Blacks, Asians, and the LGBTQ+ community. There’s only one race and it encompasses everyone, the Human Race. It costs nothing to respect everyone and awarding everyone the same rights is what makes us all better off.

When we abuse someone it speaks volumes about us. The only thing worse than abusing another human is thinking it’s ok to do it. It is never ok, I don’t care who is doing it. Anyway I’m going to finish now as I really am getting angry now and I don’t want to lower myself to the gutter in case I bump into Drumpf there.