I’m doing the best that I can

by davebarclay1954

I was asked to provide a statement on domestic abuse to the Government so that they can legislate against this growing issue in the UK. There are a lot of different types of abuse and I’m subjected to physical, emotional and economic abuse by my wife.

It has been getting worse over the last few months since I lost my job, because I am unable to claim any benefit as we are together so she is refusing to allow me to spend any of the money we have in the bank. Just before I lost my last job I cashed in a pension fund which was going to pay me £953 per annum from the age of 65. As this was not enough to do anything with I decided to cash it in and received £45,000 and change. She has been spending this money as though it were her own personal fund and if I spend so much as a penny she wants to know what I’m thinking of as I don’t have any income.

When I try pointing out to her that her income doesn’t cover the bills, so we need the money in the bank to last until 19/11/2019 when I qualify for my State Pension, she hits me. If I move so she misses she kicks out or throws things at me, then it’s my fault that what she throws breaks. The emotional abuse is much less obvious as when we are out in public she makes a big thing out of holding my hand. When we are in the privacy of our home it’s a different story. If I try to instigate sex, she pushes me away and tells me that I’ve gone off her(?) Of course I have that’s why I want to have sex with her.

If we’re in the kitchen together, I’m in her way, even when I ask her to move so I can get things out of the cupboard. I can’t do right for doing wrong and she wonders why I’ve stopped applying for jobs? I was applying for 10-15 jobs each and every day until she started putting me on edge and then it dropped to a maximum of 5 per week, now I refuse to reapply for positions I never heard back about, or for companies who have knocked me back several times in the last 4 months. Of course this isn’t good enough for her ladyship so I have stopped applying for anything these days.

If I tell her that it will start another major row and I’m already on egg shells around her. If I could force her out I would, but without any income I can’t afford to leave. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this problem as I really can’t take much more before I either throw her out or kill her.

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