I’ve had enough of reading things By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians

by davebarclay1954

Is it just me? Is it just in my head? Or does anyone else feel the current spate of floods and hurricane force winds is Mother Nature trying to get us to stop destroying this planet?

Can I really be going insane? Is it really so well hidden that heavy rain and high winds are being caused by the melting polar ice-caps and destruction of forests on a massive scale?

There are too many psychotic pigheaded politicians today saying that global warming is a myth and the planet isn’t dying. I feel that the current state of natural phenomena is growing worse the more huge corporations are destroying the natural environment chasing ever bigger profits.

When our leaders bury their heads in the sand to appease the fat cats what chance is there for the rest of us? Especially when one of those fat cats is the leader of the free world. What can we do to stop the ever more powerful oil companies from destroying more and more of the natural defences we have around us?

Can we continue to sit back and do nothing when the planet is beginning to fight back? The time has come to choose a side, either destroy this planet so we all die, or fight those trying to annihilate everyone by destroying this planet to make another dollar and boost their bank balances even further.

I choose to support the planet and feel that enough is enough and we need to make a stand and say no further that’s enough. This has to be done while there is a chance we can leave something behind for our children.

There is time if we act now and all act together. Next year is the 50th anniversary of the biggest weekend in modern music history when for 3 days 500,000 people squeezed into a muddy field for 3 days of music and art and left without any trouble, fights or deaths and even 2 births recorded that weekend. Let’s try and get 1969 back on track for all our sakes.

Now, on a different note, I was in the process of doing a windows update for my wife yesterday when the manufacturer said the bios needed to be updated or the laptop would stop working so I did this update and since then I have been unable to get into windows 10. The laptop gets so far through loading everything up then a screen comes up advising there is an issue with the laptop and it has to shut down. It never gets beyond this screen and although there is an option for recovery nothing seems to allow access to the recovery files and windows want a product key from this laptop in order to allow me to download the files needed to a disc.

Need to get the laptop working for her but without being able to boot from the recovery disk partition there is no chance of doing anything.

Music today is from YouTube by John Lennon, as always the copyright is owned by his estate and Universal Music not me.