Live those dreams Scheme those schemes

Here we are and here we are and here we go. Well it’s time to write again or else I’ll get back into a bad spiral of not writing on here very often. I had things I wanted to say during the week so it was added on here before I forgot and now there is nothing to add but today is my day for writing a post so I am back again to do just that.

Normally, if I have nothing to say I generally keep quiet, however, in my current state of mind I know if I don’t get on here and post something then I won’t post anything else for a long time. I’m sinking in a deep dark hole, like I did in 2009/10 and this time I know I’m going so I am trying to avoid getting deeper into a depression.

Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup they slither as they make their way across the universe. I am not sure whether to tell you everything I am going through or to leave it as it is. I have added a music video to this post but the copyright belongs to ZTT and Frankie Goes To Hollywood not me.


This record was banned in 1984 for promoting homosexuality, there have been a lot of songs with innuendo in the lyrics since 1955 and they weren’t banned for being, generally, heterosexual oriented. Therefore, why was Relax banned for being laced with innuendo when the others hadn’t? There was a song in the 1970’s by Chuck Berry banned for being sexually blatant while it wasn’t to those who listened to the lyrics. Relax helped to bring the revolution to the forefront and did help to revise opinion in favour of gay men being given rights under the law. Homosexuality had been decriminalised in 1967, too late for Brian Epstein but made a welcome change in the law.

We need to realise that human rights belong to each and every one of us without exception. If we don’t then we will allow people like Trump to flourish and grow in stature and impotence. All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing. We can’t allow this to happen again, we don’t want a repeat of 1932 Germany, especially not in the most powerful country in the Western World.

I try not to offer my politics in these blogs but sometimes I have to. When I see injustice which was blatant last week in a post on Twitter by Trump I feel that I have to point out the similarity between his video and one from 1930’s Nuremberg where Hitler’s supporters kept cheering and applauding for a full 20 minutes before he was able to start his speech. The similarities between the dumpster and Hitler are becoming more obvious the longer he is in power as POTUS. If re-elected, I believe he will outlaw Congress and declare himself President for life then it will only be his death which will allow the return to democracy.

Love and peace to all dear readers, and I hope we can prevent a return to the days of outright war between countries as the current world war is bad enough when the enemy hides in plain sight refusing to wear any uniform to identify himself as an enemy combatant. Especially when the biggest supporter of terror is running the most powerful Western Nation on the planet.