It can’t get much worse

by davebarclay1954

Well, here I am again at a loose end. No music to add here as I’m writing this on an iPad not a laptop and Apple, apparently, don’t like playing YouTube videos outside the app. Ho hum, no prize offered for today’s song choice even though you will only hear it inside your head.

Anyway, I’m still out of work but thought I’d try something different, a cat visiting service for those people who work crazy shifts. Kind of like a dog walker only cats don’t need exercise. So far I have had no takers, hardly surprising since cats are very independent and don’t want anyone except their slave taking care of their needs.

Why do people wanting a pet decide on a cat? Me, I don’t like dogs, hate the thought of having to take them out late at night, when it’s raining, snowing or blowing a gale. I’m not cruel to any animals but there’s something about a cat that’s very appealing. They’re independent, own you not the other way round, and can be very affectionate when they want to be.

If you’ve never had a cat try visiting someone who has one at home and see how they take to you. Dogs take to anyone, even when mistreated they will return to their home, mistreat a cat and it will attack then disappear. Cats can’t be taught tricks like a dog so you’re never going to find a drug sniffing cat, or a bomb detector cat. It’s not that they aren’t capable of doing it, but they will only do it when they want to.

I have taken cats in when they came to me for food and shelter and they stayed for years. I have had a few dogs as well and they were never mistreated by me but I still couldn’t wait to get them returned to their owners or have someone take them off me. They were generally sorry to leave but I just don’t like the smell off a wet dog.

To change topic again, I have seen some strange things recently that defy logic. Seems not everyone with a BMW drives without regard for others. I have seen several actually using indicators to let people know where they are going, I know right? I used to think that if you wanted a BMW they gave you a lobotomy before allowing you to drive it away.

That’s not all, I also saw one keeping to the speed limit, doing 20mph in a 20 zone! I kid you not. But then I saw another BMW go tearing past and turn right into oncoming traffic without using an indicator. Seems there are still idiots driving around in BMW’s.

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