How we break each other’s hearts

I know I wrote a post yesterday and this is not due until next weekend but I’ve been thinking a lot today about life and death. What makes someone accept death one day and not another? Obviously if someone is terminally ill then they can look forward to the day their suffering ends. Similarly, if someone is old and frail they may look forward to the day when they are no longer a burden on those closest to them.

I met death while I was a child and have shaken hands with him a few times over the years, he never took me as my time is not yet due. However, I feel ready to greet him when my time is over here. Whenever that time comes I will greet death as an old friend and I will not fear the time when he comes for me. After all no-one will ever get out of here alive.

Everything that lives will die at sometime, this is part of the cycle and we should not be surprised that the same fate will fall on us. Some live short lives and others long lives but at the end of the day we all die. Is there anyone who thinks they will live forever? I thought David Bowie might have managed that, he didn’t as he was only human after all. Keith Richards is so well pickled on the inside that he may well live to be 150, even he will die eventually and he is suffering from Arthritis so it may well be sooner than that.

In the winter everything dies off, trees go to sleep and their leaves are shed when they die. The leaves will lie until they decay into the ground to feed the soil and bring the plants back again in the spring. Everything feeds everything on this planet. The top of the food chain will feed those at the bottom of the food chain. Everything is connected to everything else so it should not be any surprise to learn that our lives touch so many others over the course of our time here.

I had a lot of friends at school, school mates and those near where I lived, but lost touch with them over the course of years when they moved away or I moved away. Life is like that, one thing I learned is that people will come into our lives at points when we need them and stay as long as necessary before moving off again. How many of us are still in touch with people we went to primary school with (in the US that relates as elementary school).

Over the years we meet people, make friends and lose friends, the whole process goes on and on repeating. We live our lives and, if we are lucky, we meet people who change things for the better in our lives and then remain for decades.

The music for this post is from Georgie Wonderful (George Harrison) and I don’t own the copyright of the song or video, I found it on YouTube and it is included for your enjoyment.