There was a very strange enchanted boy

by davebarclay1954

The beginnings of a song written by eden ahbez (the lower case was his idea not mine) which was recorded first by Nat King Cole in 1948 and has been covered many times since then. I first heard the song as sung by David Bowie on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack album. The end of the song lyrics have a poignant message but the composer said that “in return” was much more difficult to get as sometimes love is unrequited. The full lyric is “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return.”

Anyhoo, this week’s theme is love or LOVE, whether you spell it normally or capitalise it. Love is the greatest gift anyone can bestow on another human being. Should you be wondering why, in the current climate in both the UK and the USA, I want to write a post about love when there is so much evidence of hate being the major emotion around these days. I feel that people need reminding that there is another emotion more powerful than hate and that is indeed LOVE.

When you realise that we are all the same and there is only one race – The Human Race – then there is a chance that we can all work together to make life better for everyone. I was watching the History of Comedy series on Sky Arts and this reminded me that humour can change lives, for the better when it is done with love. There are a lot of comedians over the decades who have made huge inroads into changing perceptions and making lives much better than they were before.

I would like to remind people that not very long ago (in the early 1960’s) there was a system in place in the USA (most notably in the Southern States) where black and white were segregated and never allowed to mix. A group from Liverpool heard what had happened in Selma Alabama and then had their manager, Brian Epstein insure that their tours specified no segregated audiences or they would refuse to perform. As they grew in stature the civil rights leaders met the group (Malcolm X and Martin Luther King) and they were helped in return to get their message of a single race across to the masses as well as the leaders of both countries. Shame racism is still rampant across a lot of the USA being perpetrated now by the leader of the country. At least in the UK racists are being sent to jail every time they step out of their door mouthing their poison or attacking others.

Comedy can be used to change perceptions, just the same as music can. Musicians have used their voice to make the public aware of what is happening under their noses. We can see examples of this throughout the 20th century. From Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, to Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis of the Rock and Roll era first wave. Just to prove that music is an international language and refuses to recognise skin colour as a barrier to the message. There have been comedy duos working to get the message of one race across to the masses as well.

When we realise that there is only one race – the human race – we can end hate, work together and get more done. Inclusion does not reduce anyone’s voice or rights, inclusion increases everyone’s rights and voices. We have the power to do good in this world by opening the eyes of the haters to show that we will no longer stand silently by while they challenge our sensibilities but we will stand up to show the world that we are all the same and we stand with our comrades wherever they are until we can wipe all evil away.

Here is the song which gave this post it’s title, enjoy but the copyright is not mine.