Don’t let the hateful try and take it away

by davebarclay1954

I have tried talking to my wife again about the way I am, she shut me up with a thump the same as always. How can I tell her that there are some days I wish I could just wear something pretty a dress or a skirt and blouse (I know I’ve only got moobs so a bra wouldn’t be necessary). She thinks this is strange and I must be winding her up but I really do feel like this and I have felt this way since the age of 6 or 7. It’s now the 21st century so would I get away with wearing pretty clothes in public?

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have no body hair at all and a nice pair of boobs, a C or D cup, nothing too outrageous. My wife thinks this is abnormal for a man to do, I think that male and female or woman and man are completely out dated concepts. There is no longer any distinction as to what a woman can do or should be stopped from trying, no jobs fall into the category of women jobs or men jobs so why shouldn’t I dress according to how I feel when I wake up?

I wouldn’t want to go the whole hog and have a vagina as I quite like my cock. It’s just that I would like to be able to wear whatever I wanted to without anyone feeling threatened. Surely that should be okay in the 21st Century anywhere on this small rock hurtling through space?

Anyway, to go back to my first point my wife hits me with more and more frequency these days, she doesn’t like the idea that I have retired and – at the moment – have no income. If I were a woman I could ask a shelter to help me leave but as a man there is no one out there to help. I am fed up with being told I’m not earning so the money in the bank isn’t mine to spend even though I cashed in a pension pot to get it to tide me over for the next 14 months. She spends money on clothes she wears once or never wears at all then tells me that I can’t spend £1.99 on a book or album I want.

I really need to move my money somewhere she can’t touch it and then put in my share of the bills every month until I can get out so that at least I will have some money to set me up and get what I need. My bank won’t let me open another account without going into the branch and then she would find out I’ve done it before I’m ready to move everything out of the joint account. If anyone can offer any help or advice please do so.

Music this weekend comes about because of the way I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks while my wife has been on the sick, she goes back to work tomorrow, a week after being told she is now receiving Statutory Sick Pay only as her entitlement to full pay and half pay both ended on the same day. It’s by Ezra Furman and was actually a toss up between this song and the Kinks Lola, please enjoy although the copyright isn’t owned by me.