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I don’t believe you really like Frank Sinatra

Watching the ads on British tv these days there is no escape from the charities fighting for your hard earned. Every day there are ads for dog and cat shelters, water aid for the so-called 3rd world, help children living in the streets in India or give to the NSPCC so they can put a smile on more children’s faces.

All very deserving and in desperate need of some extra funding. Our Government used to have millions allocated every year to give to charities both at home and abroad but because money is tight since the credit crunch and downturn from 2008 onwards this source of funding has dried up. This is the 21st Century and surely we should all be helping those worse off to become better able to help themselves? After all money only goes so far and without the ability to spread any funding further by giving people the opportunity to be trained so they can work to promote their own well being it’s just a bottomless pit for limited funds.

The old saying is so very true, give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. We should be sending people out there to teach people how to drill wells for water and end the shortage of clean drinking water once and for all. Not everyone who gets a dog will take care of it, we all know this so why is it a surprise that there are always more dogs than spaces for them with people who care what happens to them?

I know this is my third blog post in two days and it is also the second post today but I post when I have something to say and hope that you don’t mind me taking up some more of your time today, dear reader.

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Strong women in stories – More please and thank you

I have finished the first Riley Paige novel by Blake Pierce and am working my way through the second. The characters are all well written and the lead character is a woman with issues (and a teenage daughter to boot) so I was not expecting the outcome to the story that it had.

Wonderful writing and characters you can root for, they seem human and not a figment of someone’s imagination. If you like detective stories and trying to get to the bottom of them ahead of the story using the clues then give this a miss. You are introduced to the unsub early on and it is just following the clues left to get him caught. However, the story is so well written I didn’t mind the plot going the way it did. I really don’t want to give away too much since one of the characters mentioned in the first book as having died in an explosion didn’t. Enough easter eggs from me in this review.

As I said the characters are well thought out, interesting and believable, the lead character is a strong woman with baggage so she works well. It is good to have a well written and thought out female lead character, even with her baggage she is strong enough to overcome her issues and those of her child and ex.

Actually, while I’m reviewing books I finished the Sarah Millican autobiography How To Be Champion. As expected it was well written and funny, she is definitely the new Queen of Comedy and the title is well deserved. I love the comments at the end of some chapters on how to be champion. For those who don’t understand the word, champion is what people from the North East use to say that they are good or enjoying something.

Sarah Millican isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but she is a “marmite” personality you either love her or hate her with no-one in the middle. (It seems that way anyway and she is strong enough to take criticism but won’t take any shit from haters). I really loved reading her story and, as a fan, I knew most of it anyway but her take on it was better than anything I had heard or read previously. Sarah is one of the best comedians around just now but has, so far, refused to play stadiums although she could fill them. Her comedy relies on interaction with her audience and that would be harder to do in a stadium so she has made the right choice to continue playing smaller venues up and down the country.

Her comedy shows have played to audiences in other parts of the world as well and she keeps being invited back so the audiences obviously get her there as well. I would love to be able to see her again live. She is amazing and still down to earth as well which is surprising with her talent for making people laugh that she has remained grounded and has never lost her roots. Manchester is lucky to have her and I wish her every happiness in the future and hope she continues to amaze and wow audiences all over the world for decades to come.

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