Your blood like winter freezes just like ice

by davebarclay1954

It’s that time of the week when I get my thoughts together to write another blog, or sometimes start writing a blog and see how my thoughts flow. The thing that has happened this week out of the ordinary was when I went to see my dad. I asked him how he was and he told me he has gone deaf and explained that it happened at the beginning of the year as well so he thinks it is a build up of wax in his ears. I told him that I had the same thing and wake up every morning unable to hear anything.

I then repeated my question to see if he would answer me and he told some useless information about the program he was watching. When I asked him if he had seen anything of my brothers I was again given the information about his program. After an hour we decided to leave and I had not received any answers to my questions, been able to get my dad to talk about anything apart from his program and no doubt he would have forgotten I called round half an hour after I left. That’s the thing with dementia the long term memory is brilliant but the short term is naff.

I’m just worried that I will have this to come later on myself. I already have sometimers (sometime I remember sometimes I forget). My long-term memory is not what it used to be as I can remember what I was doing in specific time periods but occasionally get the years mixed up. That’s why my story blog is taking ages to write when I have it down to years. I am up to 1969 and I remember the remarkable achievements like the Moon Landing and Civil Rights Marches with the rise of the Black Panthers and what I was doing on those days but the rest of the time it is trying to make sure I stick to the year I am writing about.

I feel that I am not alone in my dreams any more either. I found another blogger who said his ideal world matches mine and this is shared by a lot of others. A World where people accept we are all different and diversity is welcomed and celebrated, love is welcome and hatred has become a thing of the past. We should build bridges not walls, tear down barriers and learn to live together in harmony with each other and nature. Don’t judge people on minor things, hurting them for these is wrong as they can not change their skin colour, who they love, who they are and what they want from life. Killing, even in times of war, has to be outlawed and then wiped out in order that war becomes a thing of the past.

The biggest proponents of peace are no longer with us but their message is still being picked up today and when enough see it as the truth we will put an end to killing others for being different and once nations join together there will be no need to go to war over increasing the boundary of one country at the cost of another. This is a small planet and it is floating in space we are all passengers and it’s about time we recognised this fact and started helping each other to become the best version of themselves possible.

We really need to stop forcing borders on others, keeping them small, we can all become better citizens by trusting each other, respecting our neighbours and not worrying whose religion is the “right” religion. How do you know there is a Supreme Being? Whether you call him God or Allah or any other name you choose, He may not exist. If he does then isn’t he supposed to treasure love above everything else? If the atheists among us are wrong and there is a God (regardless of His name) He would rather everyone got along and accepted our differences.

I have heard a lot of things being said recently about building walls and refusing to allow borders being destroyed by building walls. Let’s put this into practice and show everyone how special they are, there is an easy way to demonstrate acceptance and everyone can do this, all you have to do is smile. It is also contagious, you smile at someone and they smile back then smile at someone else and on it goes. Try it out next time you go out and see if I’m wrong. Course people may think you’re crazy (in my case they’d be right) but that is not an excuse to not try smiling at others. Making someone feel good comes back quickly to make you feel good.