I’m glad it’s your birthday

by davebarclay1954

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s birthday. He is still remembered fondly by millions of fans all over the world. The music he made with his group Queen and also solo will live on forever and we will never know anyone like him again in this lifetime. He was talented, over the top and a great ambassador for the LGBTQ youth of today. We still think of you often Freddie and remember how great your voice was.

Today’s music scene still owes a lot to the heroes of yesterday who are no longer with us today, John Lennon, Buddy Holly, Bob Marley, Fats Domino and all those others who have left us recently. The biggest names in Rock will never die and that’s why they are special – people like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie – who pushed the envelope and brought differences to the forefront in order to diversify and include.

Some of you may have recognised the lyric from today’s title as it was a track on a double album from 1968 and will be celebrating 50 years this year. The lyric may not be from Queen but it celebrates a birthday and I thought it was apt to include that today to this blog concerning a birthday celebration of someone who died in 1991 from complications caused by AIDS.

Freddie was flamboyant on stage and larger than life in concert, you would have to ask those who knew him (the remaining 3 members of Queen, Mary Austin and Jim Hutton) what he was like in private but I think someone said that he was a very private person away from the concert stage and that is often the case. David Bowie had a great deal of admiration for Freddie as well as working with the group on a single (Under Pressure) which he had co-written. I saw Queen live once, at Freddie’s “picnic by the Serpentine” in London’s Hyde Park. They were fantastic and this was before they had begun playing at stadiums all over the world. The support acts were fantastic and when Queen took the stage as the sun was setting it became Freddie’s day and the group’s finest concert to that date.

I would have liked to see them again on tour but when I had the money for tickets they weren’t touring and when I was broke they decided to tour the UK. Anyway, just once was mind blowing and I did watch their live set at Live Aid through the television and they were absolutely brilliant. Sad that Freddie became too ill to tour again following the 1986 tour. As I didn’t have a job in 1986 and the nearest he played to my home was at St. James’ Park in Newcastle I never got the chance to go and see them perform again.

Today’s music is a 2009 remaster of a November 1968 track from The Beatles from the album of the same name (also known as the White Album) and was found on YouTube so I don’t own the copyright for the track.