Keep your glow on, There’s a show on you know

by davebarclay1954

I was wondering if anyone out there can help me understand the logic of some so called free sites? I mean they claim to be free but you have to buy credits or else you can’t do anything on them. It makes sense to me that they want to keep running but why offer themselves as free if they are going to charge you, right? I know that there are some sites like WordPress who offer a free site but they also offer embellishments if you pay to join the elite and that makes sense to me. After all they are free but you can join a premium service if you want to pay for this and this offers you a unique web site as well.

There are other sites which claim to be free but you post your initial article and then if you want to post anything else you have to pay for a bundle. Why? I thought free meant free without payment so why not just tell people that it is free to join and post your initial statement but after that you have to pay. I mean it’s false advertising isn’t it?

I have noticed a lot of people in my home town driving around and never using indicators to tell people where they are going. Again, why? If you let people know you will be going past them they will be less likely to pull out in front of you and this will cut down on accidents. Or is that just me being stupid? I feel that when someone drives past me after turning into the street I am walking on without using their indicators they must be doing something which is taking their minds off their driving (like talking on a mobile) which means they are not using due care and attention.

I know it is a criminal offence to use a mobile when driving but there are hands-free kits you can buy to get around this. This doesn’t make it any less dangerous to be having a conversation while driving. I think there should be an outright ban on people having telephone conversations while driving as it takes the focus away from the road and leaves people open to driving erratically.

On a brighter note, my song choice for this post is a little known song by Melanie Safka, who went by the name Melanie long before the Spice Girls came on the scene with Melanie B and Melanie C. I love this song and hearing it the other day reminded me of happier times when I had a lot less responsibility and baggage than I currently carry. Please give it a listen and broaden your horizons, there is a whole lot of music out there that rarely gets played on the radio and can still make you feel better. As always the copyright isn’t owned by me and the link is from YouTube.