Rode around the town with a rattlesnake whip

by davebarclay1954

Just got back from a few days in Blackpool and what a mixed bag it is now compared to the last time I was there. I always found good places to eat but this time there was nowhere near in between the rain apart from Pablo’s and the food there had to be tried to be believed. I kid you not, I paid over £13 for food unfit to be given to an animal, the fish was hot but undercooked and dry. The chips were hard and tasteless, totally inedible. This following an afternoon meal at Bella Italia which was excellent, no fault at all as it was ordered and came quickly (the starter within 10 minutes and the main within 10 minutes of finishing the starter.

The next day we decided to try a new diner we had noticed called Viva Vegas. We arrived just before 12 and were asked if we wanted breakfast or lunch so we were given the breakfast menu. When we ordered from this the waitress initially said that breakfast had finished then was called away by the Maitre D’ who had shown us to our seats and came back to say we could have breakfast after all. We ordered and waited for our food with trepidation as the restaurant was quiet. However, the food arrived with missing hash browns quite quickly and we were enjoying it immensely but when the waitress came over my wife asked what had happened to the hash browns. The waitress had to go and find out as she didn’t think it should have had hash browns.

We finished our meal and she came back to advise there were no hash browns left and we had been given a 10% reduction because of this. After we had finished the restaurant was beginning to fill up and we paid and left. That evening we decided to return and try the burgers and it was the best choice we had made since giving Pablo’s our money the evening before. The service was exemplary and the food was amazing. The chicken melted in the mouth as the ads said it would, this was because of their trick of soaking it in buttermilk before frying.

We also made some stunning finds on our two days in Blackpool, it isn’t as busy as it used to be but there are still enough people around to justify it as a venue for hen and stag nights. There are some places who will rip you off by providing less than adequate food but if you look around there are places springing up that offer good service and good food at reasonable prices.

Viva Vegas is definitely worth visiting Blackpool for, and if you have the luck to be served by Keira from Athens, Greece you will remember your visit for a long time to come.

Music today is a song made famous by Juicy Lucy but the version here is by The Doors. Link is for YouTube.