Coming on strong all the time

by davebarclay1954

Following my rant the other day, dear reader, I think I should take time to write another post as I feel I really came on rather too strong. If we don’t have a rant from time to time then we will end up bottling so much up inside it will do us no good. However, having a rant among friends allows us to let off steam and our friends won’t object as long as you are there when they need to let off some steam.

I mentioned last year that I hadn’t seen or heard from my best friend in some time, I still haven’t, I emailed him to say I was moving and still heard nothing back from him. The last time I saw him was in 2016 and he said he was undergoing some tests to try and find out what medication he should be given to stop his epilepsy getting worse. Since then I have not heard anything further from him. This is not very good as he has quite serious mental health issues and has tried to commit suicide a few times in the past. I don’t know what else I can do as my texts were not being delivered so I stuck to email but don’t know if he is getting them or not. I mean I don’t get an undelivered report or anything but at the same time when I added a read receipt to the last email it didn’t get opened but then it hasn’t been deleted either.

I would have had a receipt back had it been deleted unread or undelivered. Does anyone have any ideas of anything else I can try? I know he was moving in 2016 because the last time I saw him he said he wouldn’t be able to come over for a while as he was going to make sure his mum was settled in her care home and he would be getting his own council place again after that but he said he would keep in touch. Last year I had an email from him telling me that he was going into hospital to try and have his epilepsy medication corrected so he stopped having seizures and I haven’t heard anything since.

Anyway, enough of that tale, on a lighter note I was told at the end of June that I was being released from my probationary contract because I hadn’t managed to get my call handling time below 15 minutes on average for a complete week, having achieved it for 3 days out of my last full week my call handling averages were 15:30 minutes and 16:15 minutes which were not good enough.

I was told that I was being finished that day but would be paid for an additional week in lieu of notice and that would be received at the end of July.

July payroll only paid me up to the last day I was working so I queried this and was told it was an oversight so I would be given another weeks money to cover the notice period. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait until the end of August for this, it was paid into my account yesterday. If the payroll can be run exceptionally for an underpayment when someone has left then why didn’t that happen before when I was underpaid one month? I had to wait until the end of the following month to receive the shortfall.

That’s it for today so I will leave you with a track from the Beatles second last album (recording wise) which was the last album of all new material they will ever release.

Song is from YouTube and, as always, I don’t own the copyright in it. Enjoy and until next time I will just say Shazbat, Nanu nanu.