Until she shook you up Exactly like a firecracker

by davebarclay1954

Forgive me if I ignore the furore surrounding Boris Johnson, I will briefly state why I don’t want to comment on his comments and that is because the guy is as big an idiot as Donald Trump. Everytime he opens his mouth he puts both feet into it. ‘Nuff said.

There is a lot of hatred flying around again, both in the UK and in the USA, this is not doing anyone any good and it makes it nearer for the perpetrators of this hatred to be caught out by their avid followers. I feel no remorse for the perpetrators being caught out in their treason and lies as they brought it on themselves. Anyone who uses a foreign Government to gain power and then tries to cover it up in this day and age is not only an idiot but also guilty of treason when that foreign power is an enemy of the highest order.

Donald Trump knows what he did was against the American Constitution and he weighed up the consequences of using the Russians to gain the White House. Now that this has all come to light he is still trying to deny it was against the American people and therefore treason. The truth is though that he is guilty of colluding with an enemy of the State and should therefore be impeached for his crimes. What he was expecting to happen when the truth came out I don’t know but he has consistently put people in positions of power because they either backed him in colluding with the Russians and Putin or have announced their reluctance to impeach a sitting President.

Putin has been caught illegally providing Russian athletes with prohibited enhancing drugs, killing opponents of his regime no matter where in the world they may have been living. Unfortunately as long as he remains in Russia then he cannot be touched as Russia refuses to hand him over to face trial. He is a criminal and wants to bring down the West, look at his backing of Syria and the regime which will release poison gas on its own citizens to stop them from overthrowing their president. He has bombed hospitals and schools to try and cover up the atrocities he supports openly.

He has marched into countries and annexed the profitable areas to Russia to bolster his wealth and cares not what anyone in the West has to say. He knows that sanctions will not hurt him as he has enough allies abroad to make them ineffective and the people will hurt more than he, and his friends, will. He can use this to rule with an even harsher regime and blame it all on the sanctions imposed by those in the West trying to get him under control and stop the roughshod way he treats those opposed to him.

Trump thinks he is some kind of god the way he helped him to take the White House and use it to bolster his interests and those of his companies. If you look at the nations he has boycotted they have some of the best anti-terror results around but he is unable to do business there. The regimes who welcomed his companies and harbour terrorists are the ones America is still friendly with and has not boycotted. How long before he showed his true colours after coming to the White House? He praises White Supremacists and is trying to take the USA back to the time of segregation, what is he afraid of? The gun lobby has been proven to have used foreign money to back his campaign with most of these funds coming directly from Putin.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and yet some idiots are still blindly following him even after it has been proven time and again that he is a shyster and lies about everything, the man is unwilling to tell the truth and is occupying the office of POTUS so what does that make America? A laughing stock amongst its allies and neighbours. He is set on building a wall to stop Mexicans moving into the US, the ones who have been heading North have been the hard working, honest people trying to escape the cartels power in Mexico. He wants to stop them because they are not white, they don’t speak English and a lot of them don’t vote.

He is using the position he holds to bolster his wealth and stop his companies from going bankrupt again. He watched as Putin did the same thing in Russia and how long will it be until he decides to outlaw free speech when it is against him? I may not agree with the things he (or Boris Johnson) say but I will defend his right to say them. Any road up (as the actress said to the bishop) rant over for another week, and maybe next week he will have crawled into a hole and kept quiet (I doubt it).

Music this week is from a Birmingham England group courtesy of YouTube, I don’t own the copyright but please enjoy it.