Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

by davebarclay1954

Hello again, I thought it was about time I wrote another missive with a nod to another of the Fabs (after all there were 4 of them) and they were the ones who helped to change attitudes all around the world. For those of you who don’t understand French the heading is translated further on in the lyrics and it reads “These are words which go together well”.

The Fabs (when they were fab (gear)) told us that it is better to love than hate, we all have the capability of loving inside us and we should let that out more. I think some people didn’t pay attention to that and that is why there are still those around who hate everyone (including themselves) and spout their bile everywhere.

However, we don’t have to listen to them and it’s better if we ignore them and go about our day with love in our hearts and a smile on our face. Should we have to meet them then it is better not to fall into the trap of trying conversation, they talk but don’t listen. These are the people it is better to stand up to and let them know you are not intimidated by them (even if you are). They thrive on fear and feed off it to promote their hatred of everyone.

I was reading an interview with someone who toured the US in 1964 with the afore mentioned Beatles and she said that often they were subjected to racism and racist comments but never from the others on the tour. This was not always in the Southern States but never in the most Northern States along the Canadian Border. This shows how little stock the Fabs put in following the normal behaviour patterns. They taught us that, as human beings, we are all equal and equally important.

If we only take one thing away from the past then it should be Love. When you love yourself you can love another, when you are able to love another you can share the love around and love more. I don’t care what the colour of your heart is you can still learn to love and begin with learning to love yourself. Every change has to start with the man in the mirror (a nod to Michael Jackson) if you don’t start with yourself then how can you hope to change anyone else’s attitude?

I love you, my dear reader, whether we have met or you stumbled across this post doesn’t matter, whether you are LGBTQ+, black or white, yellow, brown or red with purple spots you are worthy of love. If you don’t love me that’s fine I don’t expect everyone to love me because that would take a miracle and they don’t come along often. I couldn’t care what you do for a living, whether you are fat or thin, if you believe me or not but this blog is a safe haven for everyone, anyone spouting garbage on here does get blocked and also reported to the site admin team to be removed. If you want to contact me then please do so, I will respond to your comments (even if only to like them) as often as I can.

Todays music, as mentioned above, is a tribute to the penmanship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (although credited to both I think it was Paul without very much help) as covered by Diana Ross and The Supremes. I don’t own the copyright to this clip but found it on YouTube so please enjoy the music and have a wonderful weekend.