I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping

by davebarclay1954

I found this again today, I had a tune running through my mind and, I’m not sure if anyone else has this or if it is just me, but I couldn’t place where I’d heard it or what it was. The song was playing in my mind without any lyrics and then I came across a clip of Prince, Tom Petty and Dhanni playing it. The song While My Guitar Gently Weeps written by George Harrison and included on the 1968 album “The Beatles”.

I then remembered the version I had playing in my mind was the one included here by Carlos Santana. But any way I digress with this snippet from the real reason for today’s blog, the things that kids say and how wonderful they are for picking up on things we don’t notice or think of.

I was reading through some little words of the types of things kids say and it really got me thinking about the rules concerning water-sheds and adult themed material. Kids don’t view things the same way we do and (yes I agree some things are necessarily kept away from them for a reason) and is the water shed really necessary? Good parents will control the content they allow their children to watch or listen to, bad parents will not, and with the advent of the DVR then content can be watched at any time not just when it is “live” on tv.

My point is that no amount of programming will reflect when it is available to view by the audience and that audience need not be the intended audience. Surely in the interest of keeping our children protected from the excesses of current tv shows (I’m talking about Sleepy Hollow here and not NCIS) then it is down to parents to not allow their children to watch these and to make sure that children can’t access these shows and watch them unsupervised.

Innocent children never notice the things we pick up on, however, too much adult themed horror, violence, nudity, sex and drugs is not a good thing to allow children to view. If the parents allow the children to view content and have access to their PIN they are not controlling what the children are watching. Similarly, watching shows like Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story and the like may be entertaining to us old enough to realise the stories are just that – stories. Children could end up having nightmares or worse becoming unhinged by being subjected to adult themes they are incapable of understanding.

I picked up on Sleepy Hollow as it is being shown again on tv, there is also Grimm which is being given an airing with nightly episodes. While these shows, from an adult perspective are entertaining I know that my son would not have been able to cope with the themes shown when he was a lot younger. He may not be able to process them today but he does understand the difference between real and make-believe. There in lies the crunch I think, knowing the difference between what is real and what isn’t. Children shouldn’t be made to grow up too quickly as I remember my childhood as a time of experimentation, imagination and being allowed to have fun.

Childhood prepares us for the worries of adulthood, it gives us time to process things and that’s why children see things differently. Anyway, the fact I’m trying to get across is that even with parental controls not everything can be kept away from children that should be. Please don’t let your children watch what they want by giving them your PIN, we still have to protect them from the world and the longer we can spare them the horror of war, violence and abuse the better their lives will be.