I’m always crashing in the same car

by davebarclay1954

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it certainly lived up to its reputation for me. There was a power cut for about an hour, followed by the news that my pension fund have now transferred the funds into my new scheme. When I left to do some shopping from the Metro centre I realised that I had forgotten to put my watch on so was distracted when crossing a road. I looked round to see a car heading straight for me then I was picking myself up from the road.

Within a few seconds there was a crowd gathering asking if I was ok, the driver of the car offered to drive me home or take me somewhere to get checked out but I don’t do crowds so I just waited to get my bearings and left. I hope that she is ok and not worrying unduly about me.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t get comfortable so ended up getting up at 6:00 and I am still in a lot of pain making sleep an impossibility. Anyhoo enough about Friday 13th.

I recently found a blog here and the young lady spoke to me (not just me but her post helped to lift my dark mood that day) so a huge shout out to my new friend who wrote about sending clones of a happy self into the past, future and help with bad times that happened or are about to.

What a lovely thought of sending happiness through time and space to yourself to help with low moods. I’m very tempted to take that idea and run with it to see where it may lead. Watch this space.