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We need justice not a slap on the wrist

If you join change please sign this petition. Drivers who use mobile phones and do not use care and attention while driving are dangerous, just as much as those drinking and driving are dangerous.

Using a mobile while driving meant that one family were left devastated when the driver jumped a red light and ploughed into an old man and his nephew. The boy was full of life but is no longer able to do anything for himself. The driver was let off with a suspended sentence and community service for pleading guilty.

The charge should have been attempted murder and the sentence imposed should have reflected the severity of his crime. If someone wants to use a mobile then they should not be driving, he should have his licence revoked and be jailed for a minimum term of 25 years, if the old man had not been crossing on the green walking man he would not have been in the path of this idiot who showed no remorse for the devastation he caused.

Please let’s get justice for families ruined by drivers who do not use due care and attention while at the wheel of a dangerous weapon.