So I must be on my way, And face another day

by davebarclay1954

This could be my last blog post for a while as I will be moving next weekend, no broadband and no internet connection for my laptop until I can get the line connected and a socket installed.

When I changed from Virgin Media to Sky here they sent a BT engineer out at the same time as the Sky engineer to ensure everything was up and running. Because there should be a BT connection in the house I’m moving to the connection will be done remotely and I can only then report there is no socket and wait for an engineer to come out.

Having checked holidays at work I know there is no availability for me to take time off in July beyond 3rd which I have booked to have the Sky engineer check the dish and connect the Sky Q box back up. However, in the past when the broadband service has been down I’ve been unable to watch recordings, record anything scheduled and it was just a nightmare. It will take until August (subject to availability again) before I can be at home and let the BT engineer in to fit a socket since the last tenant in the property removed it from the wall.

Anyway, enough of the negativity, there’s too much around at the moment so I am going to tell you why I’m not as stressed about this move as I was about any other move in the past.

I am moving from a 2 bed flat with hardly any storage space, into a 2 bed house with so much storage space I can finally, after 4 years, get my belongings around me again. This will save me £90 per month, which means that my net savings will be £40 per month as the rent is rising by £50 per month. I think this means that I have scored heavily with this move.

Another huge plus for me is the fact that I am staying with the same landlord as I currently have so it won’t be a 6 month contract then switching to a rolling contract, it will be a rolling contract from the beginning. Result or what?

I thought I’d use the theme for this blog post from the lyrics to All Things Must Pass, written by George Harrison from his first solo album proper, the triple set with the same name. However, I thought I’d change things out and instead of the finished track I thought I’d look for the demo recording on YouTube. What I found was the original band demo by The Beatles so that is included here. Please enjoy, again the copyright isn’t mine so don’t copy it from here it is readily available on YouTube.