You don’t think so but that’s how it is, we’re all the same

by davebarclay1954

I saw pictures yesterday of children in cages, torn from the arms of their parents and crying. These pictures weren’t a hark back in history to Germany in the 1930’s or early 1940’s but were from the new regime in the USA.

Trump tells us he is a humanitarian and wants nothing more than world peace (reminiscent of the rhetoric used by a certain Chancellor of Germany) and that what he is doing should shine like a beacon for the rest of the world to follow.

Within months of coming into office last year he had declared it would not be possible to travel to the USA from certain Middle Eastern countries. The human rights violations from the countries NOT on the list far outweighed the threat from those on the list. However, Trump Inc doesn’t do business in the countries on the list where he does do business with those countries missing.

All of the new regime regulations, including race hate, promoting non-tolerance of LGBT+ youth and adults, is so reminiscent of said Chancellor. All we need now is for Trump to declare US elections will only take place after he dies as there is proof that Jews are plotting to circumvent the Presidential elections in 2020 and then we will have a much larger version of Adolf Hitler in the 21st century.

The thing that gets me is he is a known misogynist yet has a huge following amongst women in the US. Could this be because he has never molested them and they think that means he wouldn’t molest anyone and the thousands who claim he did must be lying? Or is that they want him to molest them so they can claim to have his child and get a huge chunk of change for child support?

When Trump met Kim Jong-Un the meeting was reported in the Washington Post with just 1 paragraph: Due to both parties to the closed meeting being the biggest liars in the World today we will never know what they discussed, ever, unless there was a recording made which will go viral if ever released.

As regular readers to this blog know I always look for the good in people, until there is enough proof that there is no good at all then I have been known to rant. Apologies for this turning into a rant. When the UK voted for Brexit, and to leave the EU, I was shocked but then I came to realise that people were afraid. They had been allowing refugees to come in from conflict areas of the Middle East and with them were coming terrorists as well. People wanted to take back border control from Europe and stop the terror attacks getting to our shores. Guess what people, the terrorists have been getting here but our intelligence services have been stopping them before they could commit any acts of terror.

We have such good and reliable intel about everyone in the UK that we can keep this island safe with or without our European neighbours, but together with the intel generated by our allies in Europe we have been able to limit the atrocities performed throughout Europe in recent years. We do still have to be vigilant, however, and it will be more difficult without our neighbours help and, this is no jest, they will not be in any hurry to offer assistance following our divorce.

It is going to cost us more to leave the EU than it would have cost to remain since the money will only flow one way – out. We won’t get anything back from our final payment for the divorce settlement. Those who quoted huge figures and said the money could be spent on health and defence know nothing about European policy. Our Government are more interested in using any savings to cut taxes further for those earning the most. They will cut business taxes and give themselves pay rises under the pretense that the committee said they had to have them and they don’t really want them.

If you doubt me just look at what has happened in the UK since 2010: 2010 95% of the country’s wealth was owned by 5% of the population. Then in 2017 that had changed to 99% of the country’s wealth owned by 1% of the population. The rich are becoming richer while the poor are being trodden on and forced out of their homes daily by Government policies.

I agree no-one should be better off on benefits than having a job, but there is a limit to this. If someone has an illness which stops them from working shouldn’t they receive benefits enough to live on and not just survive? Because some people suffer from mental illness they are deemed fit to work, just because they couldn’t face the journey to a centre for an assessment to receive benefits which they need. They won’t go to the job centre and look for work so they end up with no money and then are evicted, ending up on the streets where they are scared and, quite often they end up taking their own lives.

All because the Government we have don’t care about poverty or ending it, they want to reduce the benefits spend and so, the more people who commit suicide rather than claim the less money they pay out, the more they can offer the rich in the way of incentives and tax reductions.