I’m gonna give you my love

by davebarclay1954

I received some feedback about my post from yesterday and it seems that everyone feels the same way I do that we all need one another and everyone impacts on everyone else.

Makes no difference what you do or where you live, we all impact on those around us without realising it. We come into contact with so many people, some are with us briefly others become friends or acquaintances and we touch each other for weeks, months or even years. Then suddenly they are gone and we are “alone” in our bubble again.

Everyone stays as long as we need them, some remain with us for years and others for a season. We need others to survive as left alone we will wither and lose hope for humanity and ourselves.

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done, push yourself to the limits and we can all benefit from your achievements. There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown and some have the ability to see beyond the possible and strive for the impossible which they will achieve and push human achievement to new heights and push back the boundaries.

Whether or not you believe that we landed on the moon in 1969 the advances in computing have improved so far that the computers around in 1969 took up entire rooms and warehouses and had less memory than we have on modern phones. They used tapes where now we use digital hard drives. Mankind has moved so quickly in the last 50 years that things we take for granted today had not even been thought of 50 years ago.

In my lifetime I have seen vinyl give way to cassette tapes as they were easier to store although just as prone to damage. Then came cd and digital music. Now we have returned to vinyl, although it is more expensive than digital music on cd or download some say it is much better than it used to be as the vinyl used today is sturdier and not as thin as it was before the advent of cassette and cd.

Technology isn’t the only change I have seen in my lifetime. When I was born there was racism and victimisation of anyone different to the norm. I never understood this since we are all human and if we are cut we will bleed and the blood is red. I wanted an end to segregation in the USA and South Africa and that has come to pass. There are still ignorant people who will victimise women, blacks, and anyone else who dares to be different.

I was called queer at school and took this as a compliment since we are all unique. I have also been called weird but again this I take as a compliment. Some even called me nigger lover (no apologies for the n word as that was what I was called) and I accepted they knew I loved everyone. The n word has been outlawed yet it is making a comeback among blacks in America. It is a word which means absolutely nothing, it is made up like Kike, Wop, Paddy and other made up names to denigrate human beings.

If we refuse to allow it to denigrate then we show we are more powerful than those idiots who use made up words to put people down. People are people and it makes no difference if they are black, white, yellow, brown, red or purple with red spots. If you allow yourself to be put down (I did and I realised eventually that the idiots doing it were just that – idiots) then you give credence to those idiots.

We should remember that we all have the power to hurt and the power to love. What is the most powerful to use? If we hurt someone then we invite them to hurt us back, if we love someone even though they are trying to hurt us, we remove their power from them and become more powerful than they will ever be.

Today’s music is taken from the era when all four Beatles were still together and alive, showcasing new advances in recording techniques and a heavier sound (although the Beatles showed they could be just as heavy). Led Zeppelin II started Side 1 with Whole Lotta Love so here it is from YouTube and the copyright isn’t owned by me.