He who knows does not speak He who speaks does not know And I go round in circles

by davebarclay1954

Wow, Morgan Rice is a fabulous author. Her characters leap off the written page and become real. The stories are never straightforward there are twists and turns all the time. She merges heroes and villains with every twist and turn adding to the thrill of her writing. I have just finished the final book in the series “Of Crowns and Glory” and it gripped me so much I haven’t done anything else while reading it other than wanting to return to it and see how the main characters lives were intertwined and how things would pan out.

Some of the characters names were familiar (Thanos from the Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ceres from the (almost) name of a nearby town where I grew up). There was also a queen called Athena (familiar no doubt to any scholars), Claudius and Lucious. However, the story telling was absolutely brilliant and I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys action tales, heroic sagas and anyone who just enjoys a well written series of novels showing the dangers of keeping things going because of tradition.

Everything about Morgan Rice’s novels just flows and this series was not any different. Her characters are believable and the stories unfold in a manner that makes sense. She is self-published but don’t let that put you off as she is as good a story teller as anyone who has a publisher. Maybe not in the same league as Stephen King (the horror is believable but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of her stories). She writes as well as Jo Rowling and her characters are no less fascinating than others.

If I could write as well as Morgan I would be very happy indeed, yes there are one or two errors in the writing which may have been picked up by an editor but this shows how human she is. If you like fantasy novels, good characters and strong story lines with the characters intertwined all the way through the tale then give this lady a read.

Music as always is from youtube and isn’t mine, another George Harrison track written in 1968 but not recorded and issued until Gone Troppo in 1982.