I want a short haired girl Who sometimes wears it twice as long

by davebarclay1954

If you were lucky/unlucky enough to wake to the white stuff falling from the sky again this morning I hope it didn’t lie where you are any more than it did here where I am. This afternoon the sleet turned to rain and the ground was wet and really slippy this afternoon when I went out to put our bins out (mine and the one for downstairs) it was also really cold so I thought the rain was going to turn back into either sleet or snow. Don’t know if it did either as I was so cold when I came back in that I sat snuggled on the sofa with a hot drink and wrapped up warm with the heating on.

I have started getting a lot of tweets in my timeline with pictures of beautiful asian women wearing sari’s and it got me thinking (again) of what it is that turns us on and attracts us to others. The first thing has to be looks as that is the most obvious first thing we notice. But what if you were blind, what would take the place of that initial aspect? Of course we are all different and no two people will be attracted in the exact same way to the same people. Not every two people will automatically be attracted to each other either. What is attraction, if we could work that out and bottle it we could make a fortune.

Is anyone aware of what it is they are looking for in a partner? Are they looking for something long term or just a brief fling? Is the person they are attracted to feeling attracted to them or just being friendly? Why do human beings flirt with each other? Is it just us or do some other animals flirt as well?

I have more questions than answers and that is probably normal when contemplating the intricacies of human relationships. There are people we can see every day at work and never give them a second thought as to whether or not they would make a good partner, long or short term. There are other people we can see once (just in passing on the street, bus, train or taxi queue) and find them occupying our thoughts for the remainder of that day, without fully understanding why this should be.

I find women attractive and love the smell of them, their perfume and their natural odour which could be the thing a blind man would notice when he can’t see the beauty on show. Any way, if anyone can offer any insight into attraction and why one person is attractive and not another when they are similar sizes, shapes and have almost the same hair colour please let me know in the usual manner.

Video this time is the Beatles original Old Brown Shoe which was a George Harrison B-Side. I don’t own the copyright to this song but feel free to listen and I hope you enjoy it.