I don’t need to be forgiven

Okay, I don’t know what the weather is like where you are today, but her in the UK we have the return of Winter Part 2. Spring should have sprung by now yet we are once again facing a whiteout. There had better be an end to this soon though as it becoming very boring.

After the beginning of March when buildings and schools were closed, public transport almost stopped completely and there was a lot of people trapped indoors to keep warm, I was hoping that would be the end of Winter weather and we could get back to normal with the weather warming up and Spring finally arriving. Alas no, after a spell where it did warm up slightly we have gone back to the Winter with snow and freezing temperatures (below freezing in some areas).

People think that just because the weather turns they can take their dogs out and not bothering to clean up after them. As a friend said, if you see these inconsiderate twats and confront them you get verbal abuse which could turn into violence because they think they have the right to do as they please.

This is the one thing that my recent blogs have been full of but if people have dogs they should be prepared to pick up after them, if people have cats they should also remember to teach them to bury their waste so that if they do go out they can rest assured that they are not going to spoil the neighbourhood. Animal waste and litter is the biggest problem around here that we have to face on a daily basis. This used to be such a lovely area to live in but with undesirables coming into the area and treating it as a huge garbage bin it is quickly deteriorating.

There are a lot of immigrants living here, as well as the biggest Jewish population outside of Israel there are a lot of Muslims who have moved here and, guess what, NO racially motivated violence. This proves that if people want to live in peace and follow whichever religion they choose, they can live with neighbours who don’t follow the same religion. Unfortunately gender violence seems to be on the rise but I don’t think this can be laid at the hands of the immigrants as it isn’t just immigrants who are guilty of this. There are lots of people who will take what they want regardless of the harm it may cause to those they take from. Unfortunately that includes sex.

If a woman doesn’t say yes then it is rape, if a woman is drunk or drugged and doesn’t know what she is agreeing to then that is rape. I don’t care if they woman has a reputation for sleeping with anyone or is a sex worker unless they have given consent when they are able to consent it is rape. Yes men can be raped as well, just ask anyone who has been to prison, but it isn’t as common as that committed by men against women.

To finish off on a brighter note here is the original of the CSI New York theme tune and hope fully it won’t be long before we see Gary Sinise back on our screens again.