Here we are and here we are and here we go…

by davebarclay1954

Once again I have seen the sun and it is wonderful how warm it is. If only the bloody wind would get lost the day would be lovely a fantastic spring day. I also found a lot of my pet hates just lying in wait to get dragged around on the bottom of unsuspecting people’s shoes. People who have dogs and let them roam free or refuse to pick up after them and risk a fine should not be allowed to have dogs.

If anyone knows how to stop people getting a dog and then not taking care of the dog and the neighbourhood when there are bye-laws tasking them with doing just that please let those in authority know. With all the government cut backs the bye-laws are going unenforced which people know and they are exploiting it.

Any thing that can be done to clean up our streets will always be welcome but it just boils my urine when dog owners expect other people to pick up after their dogs because they can’t be bothered. Anyone who doesn’t have a dog has no reason to carry poop bags and scoops to clean up after a dog makes a mess.

This is the version of one of my favourite songs of all time that doesn’t get heard enough. Video is courtesy of Youtube and Google.