Oh how I wish you were here

by davebarclay1954

Friday 9/02/2018 began as any other day. I woke up yawning and made a coffee before going into the shower then got ready for work. When I arrived at work one of my colleagues asked me if I should have been there as I had the day booked off so I turned around and went home again.

Needless to say I was wide awake following the walk to and from work with hardly any time between. I wish I’d remembered then maybe I wouldn’t have been tired as I could have stayed in bed a little while longer.

Following on from the Delicate Sound Of Thunder which I watched again this morning to relax before I did anything else today. I thought I’d add a tune I’d forgotten about at the end of this post. Of course I’m listening to a Floyd play list as I’m writing this so deepest apologies if I suddenly go off on a tangent.

I saw Pink Floyd in 1974 in London twice on the same tour when they were defining several tracks that would appear on their next album, Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Welcome to the Machine as well as Wish You Were Here. Needless to say I had all of their previous albums and also Barrett by Syd Barrett at home. They performed the entire album of The Dark Side of the Moon and that was amazing but for me the highlights of any Pink Floyd show were the new songs they introduced to see which ones worked live and which ones maybe needed some more work done.

The light show was amazing and had progressed from the lamps they used to display on the screen at the back. They were also starting to use footage created by the band and filmed by them (I presume) on the screen at the back of the stage. Of course the concert I saw today didn’t have Roger Waters and his voice was missing, there was none of that in 1974.