I wanna tell you a story about a young girl and a group of outlaws

by davebarclay1954

I have finished the second book of the legends of dimmingwood by C. Greenwood called the Betrayal of Thieves. The story continues from the first book and (no spoilers I promise) takes us away from Dimmingwood for a while but it does end with the heroes of the first book falling out towards the end.

C. Greenwood has created an absolute amazing tale of sorcery, magic, sword fights and the lead character is a woman who is not what she seems. She is vulnerable, trusting and will do anything for her friends, including following a trail to find them when captured and free them.

The tales take you on a journey and if you want to be entertained you could do a lot worse than read this series of books.

I was going to paste the cover here but unfortunately I can’t as I don’t own the copyright to it.