Seems my love is up And has left you with no warning

by davebarclay1954

The saga of the laptop ended yesterday at 3:00p.m. just as my step-daughter was going to pick her youngest children up from school UPS called for the laptop and it is now winging it’s way back to HP.

I can’t believe the issues getting this back to them has been. First they tried picking it up from my home address even though I told them I couldn’t get time off work. Then they said they would pick it up from my work place, they refused to take it on the 19th as it wasn’t boxed up but no-one had bothered telling me it had to be in a box. HP emailed me on the 19th to say it was going to be picked up from my step-daughters and for me to send them her email address and phone number, which I did after checking with her it was okay to do that. I arranged to have it picked up on Tuesday from Newcastle as that was the earliest she could manage to get into Newcastle to pick it up from me.

On the 22nd UPS called at my workplace again to pick the laptop up and said they would check for any notes about it being picked up. Possibly calling back into work on the Tuesday, I was going into Newcastle straight after work so that would not have been any problem, I told my step-daughter that there may be no need for her to wait for it be picked up on Friday but I’d let her know if it was picked up from work. When I went down to check at 4:45 it was still in reception as no-one had called to pick it up.

Believe me, as crazy as all this sound it is all true and gave me one hell of a headache which lasted all week until today it had turned into a full blown migraine so I had to take time off work. Anyhoo, it’s all dusted and done now so that should be the last of the amazing broken down laptop.

I was just wondering if anyone saw the news about the Presidents Club meeting in London? I couldn’t believe it would happen in broad daylight in the 21st century. The waitresses were harassed, touched inappropriately and made to feel that they were worthless in front of all these “Gentlemen”. I wouldn’t dream of behaving like that and yet these were all influential men, who helm big multi national corporations and they behave like total dicks when they are in a large group together. There is no longer any excuse to treat anyone the way they were treating the waitresses (there never was but it used to be excused as boys being boys). I hope they all learn the hard way that the law does apply to them and they can no longer behave that way towards women (or anyone else).

Music today is a great classic song by a man I would have liked to have met, sadly no longer with us but his music lives on. Please enjoy the sunrise and cloudburst.