Hey fatty boom boom, sweet sugar dumpling

by davebarclay1954

Hey fatty boom boom let me tell you something.  Music was my first love and it will be my last.  Lyrics can say so much about the way I feel, better than I can express myself sometimes.  I thought I would give you the latest update in the saga of my laptop and also sing out in praise of others.

I was told that the old laptop would be picked up on 12 January and my new laptop would be with me sometime between the 10 and 31 January.  I told them I couldn’t get time off so could they arrange to have it picked up from my step-daughter but let me know that had been done so I could get the laptop to her.  Next thing I know there is a card pushed through my door on 12 January saying they had tried to pick it up from here.  I thought no problem I can change the pick up address and have it picked up on Monday, oh if only it was that easy.  No option but to leave the pick up from here, so I thought let’s email them and let them know I can get it picked up once someone is in after 17:45 on Monday.

Again on Monday they tried to pick up the laptop during the day when no-one was home and no reply to my email.  Also, nothing from HP about the pick up or dropping the new one off.  Details said they would try again on the Tuesday for the last time, a courier had also tried to deliver the new laptop and it had been taken to a newsagent 3 miles away.  I rang for a taxi and went to pick it up before having a drink or anything to eat.  I am so amazed and impressed with my new laptop as it has biometric signin and that makes everything better and more secure.

On the Tuesday I had an email from UPS saying they had tried and would make the last attempt on the Wednesday.  HP emailed and asked if there was another address to pick the laptop up from if it wasn’t picked up the following day.  I replied to them and told them they could pick it up from work and gave them the address and phone number.  When they turned up on the Wednesday, once again it was during the day and no-one was in (no surprise there).  Then on Friday, they turned up but said they couldn’t take it away as it wasn’t in a box.  The courier firm they used last year when it went in for it’s 5th repair brought a box to take it in and brought it back in the same box following the repair.  The new courier company, however, don’t provide a box and won’t pick it up if it isn’t in one.

I had the box the new one came in so I put it in there and wondered if it would be picked up on Monday from work.  I now got the laptop booted up and when I signed into my emails there was one from HP saying they were going to pick it up from my step-daughter on Friday 26 January.  So this week I have to meet my step-daughter and make sure she has the laptop when the courier calls to pick it up and also that it is in a box.

I keep hearing a lot of bulls**t from the current POTUS who, in spite of winning the white house last year, has consistently spread lies, hate and seems to be willing to have the American people in fear of each other and foreigners. The only thing wrong with divisive politics is that it becomes impossible to reunite those divided by mistrust, lies and fears.  We need to show everyone that no matter what the press put forth about them there are places where everyone is welcome unless they come to spread hate. We don’t have to tolerate haters and I don’t see why we should.

If everyone who feels everyone alive today should be treated the same regardless of gender, sexual preference, skin colour, religion or any thing else which makes us unique and different, shouted down the haters we could not only stop them from spreading their hate but could shut them up for good.