Another year over and a new one just begun

by davebarclay1954

At this time of year there is a lot of happiness around, people spending time with loved ones, family and friends. However, there is a lot of sadness around too. A lot more people being evicted for rent arrears because they had their benefits stopped right before the Christmas closedown.

Others were made redundant from the end of the month and told not to bother working the notice period, only to find that no-one is hiring at this time of year. So maybe we should take some time out from the festivities tomorrow to think of those less fortunate individuals who have no-one and/or nothing to look forward to in the New Year. I am not saying invite them into your home, but could you spare a warm drink for someone on the street? Can you take a cup of tea and a sandwich to someone who is down on their luck? If we lose sight of our humanity now then it will be difficult to regain it when the season ends and work resumes in January.

This isn’t a lecture, dear reader, so many of us don’t see the homeless as they keep being moved along from where they try to get some warmth. The Salvation Army do a splendid job with the homeless all year long and do what they can at this time of year. If you can spare a coffee or tea and a bite to eat for someone who has nothing it will give them a sense of not being in their plight alone but knowing that others care may bring a little light into their otherwise dreary holiday no different from any other day.

The thing I find very hard to believe is that for all the festivities and love flowing around every corner there are still those who want to bring hatred and distress to others even at this time of year. Those who want to cause grief and misery at any time of year should pay attention to the mood of the people around them. In the face of adversity, thank goodness, we all tend to get together and make things better for everyone in our vicinity. During the dark days of the Second World War when London and the Home Counties were being bombed almost continuously everyone tried to get together and live through the bombs dropping with support from others they didn’t know before.

That spirit still runs through the entire UK, we gave so much to stop hatred and genocide between 1939 and 1945 what makes people think things will be any different today? Our friends and allies know they can rely on us to back them up no matter what. We always have, although they haven’t always been eager to reciprocate. When the Falkland Islanders asked for help because the Argentinian Army and Navy had invaded them and tried to change their way of life we went alone to the rescue of these out of the way islands when the USA was closer to them and their fleet could have blockaded the islands. They refused as they were also allies of Argentina. Our fleet had to travel half way around the planet to get to the battle zone, we lost a lot of ships, men and suffered a great deal of injuries as well to push the Argentinians off the islands and give the Islanders back the freedom they needed to continue with their way of life and be free.

Is there any greater deed anyone of us can do than to lay down our lives for another? Of course once we are dead we don’t know if the other person got away without any further harm or if, once our sacrifice was made they were too weak to get themselves to safety. I would hope that if I were to jump in because someone was being attacked or abused the abuser would not be able to continue with the abuse as others would also come forward.

Not everyone is as free of fear to do as I would, however, most decent people will jump in if someone else shows them the way. Once we can overcome our initial thought of fleeing and stand up for those who are being persecuted and terrorised then we can reclaim our humanity, spread our community to include everyone and exclude none, if everyone joins together for the greater good of humanity then we can make wars a thing of the past and wouldn’t that be a good thing to achieve for our children’s children’s children?