The love train rides from coast to coast

by davebarclay1954

This time of year is really horrible, snow sleet and rain fall most of the days, temperature drops at night and then walking into work in the mornings with rain in your face all of a sudden your feet go out from under you and then you find yourself sprawled on the floor. You think it may have been ice but you always hope it’s not dog poop you stood on and lay in. No way to tell whether it is or not until you stand up and look around.

I hate the cold weather, dreary and miserable and the lack of sun brings on my winter blues, when all I really want to do is sleep all day and play all night without going too far from home just so I can remain warm. I have a good coat so wearing it with a sweatshirt makes me too hot, without a sweat shirt I remain comfortable, then I get to work and start to bake unless I’m wet through from falling on my backside on my way in. If only we could haul the anchor up on this island we call home and move it further south nearer to the equator so it would never get so cold as to freeze then going to work in the winter wouldn’t be such a chore.

If the winter wasn’t so cold and miserable then maybe there would be less mental health issues at this time of year. We could cut down on cold and flu medication as we do in the summer months, and queuing to see the doctor might become a thing of the past a lot quicker than this Government wants. However, we are unable to move this island south and that makes all this just a lot of wishful thinking. If we stop dreaming then we stop doing the impossible and will stagnate.

If we don’t dream then how could we continue to develop bigger and better things to help make lives better and leisure time more productive? If we don’t make better things then would we stagnate and become less than we are now? All this if we stop dreaming would it not come to pass that no new invention would be created? We have to keep dreaming to progress, some have ideas and will create designs, split up and show what is needed to be done. Others can take these ideas and designs and start to build them. It takes trial and error to bring the initial idea to life, a tweak here and there before it is ready to be unveiled.

While doing this, is it better to think of others or just to think of ourselves? Isn’t it always better to consider others when we dream? Civilisation depends on moving forward and taking care of those around us. We need to spread the love around us that we feel for each other, after all love will always trump hate. I don’t fear those who spread hatred, for eventually they will find that no-one is listening to them and no-one wants to follow their ideas of hatred and fear any more. People like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Putin and Trump only learn the lesson the hard way.