All you need is love, love is all you need.

by davebarclay1954

Wow, right how about this for a complete turn around! Heard from HP about my laptop and, drum roll please, they have decided to send me a replacement after all… woohoo patience does work wonders sometimes.

On a less favourable note, and this is asked of everyone of you my dear readers, if someone works in a care home how long would you expect them to keep cctv footage for? A week, a month, longer, less? I’m asking because I’m convinced that any footage should be kept securely off site for at least a year. I’ve tried looking on the and nhs web sites without any luck.

Just to give you a heads up the care home hasn’t been accused of not taking care of the residents, but a member of staff was sexually assaulted by a more senior member of staff in view of another female member of staff and the cameras, the senior member of staff and the female colleague both denied the incident took place and, apparently the footage has been written over since the incident so there’s no proof to back up the allegations. I find this very convenient and believe the woman who told me about this. I’m not prepared to stand by and tell her to leave, I told her to report it to the police because, if the care home should still have the footage and don’t that’s serious, also her underwear being cut off her body at work in front of witnesses makes the company liable under the health and safety at work act for a sexual assault going unreported and the perpetrator going unpunished. Let me know by leaving a comment whether you agree with me or the care home that cctv footage can be overwritten within a month. Thanks for reading.