One day I’ll fly away

by davebarclay1954

Yesterday was the 99th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles ending the Great War. Today is Remembrance Sunday and our thoughts (or at least mine) have been with those souls who gave their lives in time of conflict to protect our way of life.

Some, died in battle, others saving lives of their comrades and others died at the hands of cowards. However they died I am thankful for the sacrifice they made.

No music, no pictures because nothing can make up for the war which ended so many lives and we still fight today, not for Empires, not to force our way of life on others but we ask so much of our troops today to fight an enemy to scared and cowardly to wear a uniform and make themselves known to our children. They prefer to hide in plain sight, behind a facade of piety, saying they are doing God’s will. How can they be doing God’s will when every holy book preaches peace, love and understanding? They’re doing the devils work and this was told from the beginning when man first took up arms against himself, devils come in all guises and twist religion and religious text to suit their purpose.

How long do we have to wait for peace to come? Will it ever get here? All you need is love and respect for each other to stop fighting for ever, let’s join together and give peace a chance. We’ve tried war for millennia and it’s never worth the losses, the time has come to try something else. We can’t give in to terror or terrorists, they will never break us today and they could not break us before!