I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together

by davebarclay1954

See how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly. In 1967 just after christmas there was a short film shown on BBC1 for the first time, made by The Beatles and not released in the cinema’s it was the first (at least the first I remember) that a film was made specifically for a television audience.

I watched it with my mum and dad, and during the stripper sequence my mum turned round and said “Why didn’t they just show that instead of putting CENSORED all the way across it?” when she turned round to face the camera. I recently bought the film on blu-ray disc and guess what… CENSORED still comes up even though women have been used to advertise everything from cars to condoms and creams in more states of undress than that. Now I’m no prude but did that have to be left on the screen or could they have shown more of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band at the point she turned round? If a woman is prepared to strip off then it should be her choice how far she is happy going. But that is not the point I’m trying to make here.

The point is, if the woman was stripping in front of the camera while the Bonzo’s were singing death cab for cutie why show her turning round at all? Why not just leave her back view or side view when she started to turn around and zoom in on the band playing or even the Beatles themselves sitting in the audience? Why did Paul McCartney think it necessary to have her turn to face the camera and place a sign across her chest saying CENSORED? Especially now when the censor is you, me and every thing is permitted. The Beatles pushed the boundaries in so many ways during the 1960’s and I grew up with their music and inspiration to change the world for the better.

I still feel we have a long way to go but we are still heading in the right direction, in the main. Yes there are some people who preach hatred as though it is a good thing, it never is. There are those who preach that their religion is the only true religion and all others are false, how do they know this? There are those who preach that violence and destruction is the only way the human race will ever grow, it isn’t. There are those who teach intolerance and hatred of anyone who is different to their children. We have to eradicate this intolerance and hatred but how do we educate those too stupid to realise they have become lodged in the past when history has shown how division only ruins nations and never proves stronger than unity?

I would like to take those who refuse to accept that people are all the same, we all bleed red and have the same inside us as everyone else, put them on an island somewhere and leave them to their own devices for a month then go back and see if they have all survived and whether or not they have learned anything from being there.

We need to concentrate on sharing our similarities and not fighting over our differences. The differences are what make us unique, and we are all unique. If someone hurts one of us it hurts us all, whether it is done deliberately or accidentally an injury suffered by one at the hands of another is not going to end there it has ripple effects. Every thing we do, every thing we say, everyone we meet has an influence on us for good or ill. The feeling we go away with affects our attitudes towards others from that point onwards, ripples on a pond.

If we show someone that we are pleased to see them by smiling at them, saying hello or some other small token, it will make them feel better and it also makes us feel better. If we glare at someone as we pass them in the street will it make them feel bad for their behaviour? Probably not, will we feel better for having glared at them for some perceived action? Probably not, will it disturb our attitude for the rest of our day? Very probably.

If we share some love around, believe me dear reader this does work, then the receiver of this love will feel better and will go on to share this with others. We will also feel better that a smile, hand shake or kind word has gone on to make some one else feel appreciated. Back stabbing is never a good idea, this only succeeds in spoiling our own day while those affected will feel bad for a little while, but not forever and, probably, not for the rest of the day.

Please remember that Love is all you need and all you need is Love. Spread it around and it comes back to you with sunshine instead of rain. As always the music is from YouTube and is not owned by me, hope you enjoy it anyway.