It’s a little bit me, a little bit you.

by davebarclay1954

I finally heard back from HP Customer Services and, surprise surprise, they still won’t deliver at a time to suit me. They did say they would use any address I chose to pick up and deliver back to. Problem is, I have lost touch with my family left down here, my step-kids work and when they don’t work they go out. I have therefore got 2 problems to contend with, finding out when someone will be in for the day and getting the laptop to them for a repair (the 5th repair to sort out the boot up times and also to correct the issues from the last time they had it). None of this is really acceptable so I was wondering what my other options would be when I remembered the Citizens Advice web site. Lo and behold they are breaching the Consumer Rights Act, which states that they have 6 years from date of purchase to correct the defects. If the defects aren’t corrected within a timely period then I should be given my option of a replacement product or a refund of the purchase price.

I have mentioned this in my reply so here’s expecting to hear nothing further from him, or else to reiterate that he cannot offer me a replacement without proof of purchase which was sent to an email address I have not had access to for years. Apparently, even though they are supposed to keep records of sales for at least 6 years for audit purposes, they don’t have the record of my purchase.  However, they do keep repairing it as they have the record of the extended warranty.

Surely if they have the extended warranty they must also have attached that to the purchase date of the laptop as it increased the warranty period from 12 months to 36 months. How can they find one and not the other?

Answers as always on the back of an unstamped elephant to the usual address. Replies welcome my dear reader.