Here we are and here we are and here we go.

by davebarclay1954

It may have taken a little while to get things moving with the complaint but it looks as though my laptop issues are finally going to be resolved. I told you last time, dear reader, that I had replied to the email asking me for a convenient time to be called when I’m at work and on the phone, so couldn’t be contacted. I received a reply saying that someone would deal with my complaint via email and he could offer me a little something to ease my issues (the company didn’t want any more bad publicity reading between the lines). He offered me a wireless mouse (I bought one with the laptop), a case for the laptop (I bought one with the laptop) or a printer (I bought one two months before the laptop).

I replied and told him that none of these solutions would be acceptable as I already had all of those items. I also told him that my laptop had not been returned in an acceptable condition so could he offer me a replacement? I then told him the one I wanted as a replacement (£1200 worth of laptop) and he didn’t send me the expected reply which would have been telling me to take a running jump from a very short pier. He asked me for my proof of purchase email (sent to my work email address) in order to replace the laptop. I checked through my personal emails to see if, by some miracle, I had sent this to myself from the work email address which I lost access to in 2016 following the company split. I hadn’t so I thought I’d ask if he could look up my details and see from the store records the proof of purchase. Again expecting a reply in the negative, he told me he couldn’t but he had asked the sales team for company purchases to look through their records and would be in touch when he heard from them again.

This was totally unexpected so I will wait with bated breath to see if anything comes of this and will update you all later with any outcome to this ongoing saga.


On another note, I’ve noticed a lot of activity in the US this year following President Trump’s inauguration and his spread of hatred against minority groups in his country and the armed forces of the USA. As a human being who respects everyone and feels that human rights are not given to a select few but everyone has the right to be treated as a valuable member of society regardless of age, sex (gender if you prefer), skin colour, sexual preference, religion (or lack thereof) or where they live in the world, this strikes me as abhorrent.

I make no bones about declaring myself a strong advocate for the rights of black Americans to be treated equally with the white Americans, I stand alongside my gay friends and the gay community to promote their right to be treated as equals and given the same right to employment, education and higher education as everyone else. I think that human rights apply to everyone on this planet. I agree that some people think this is strange but the majority of people today are becoming very loud in shouting for an end to discrimination of any kind.

Diversity is what makes us unique, by accepting everyone, that makes us more human. We live in dangerous times but have to show that we will not disrespect anyone who works within the law, regardless of their religion. The terrorists want us to view all Muslims as dangerous individuals and if we go down to their level they will find it easier to recruit people to further their cause and bring down the Western democracies. I count Muslims and Christians among my friends, I also have female friends that I respect and will ask their opinions as often as male friends. I respect everyone’s right to follow which ever religion they want to, some of my friends are pagans, others atheists, I’m an agnostic. I feel that too many wars have been fought under the pretence of religion since the dawn of time. Romans, Greeks, Egyptians all had their own gods and every country the fought and defeated would have their own religions usurped for the gods of the conqueror. Since the early days of Christianity, wars have been fought, and won or lost, in the name of religion. Everyone in both World Wars thought God was on their side (both sides were mainly Christian) but He couldn’t have been on both sides at the same time, could He?

Fighting wars is wrong, however, there are times when those rising up against you see an unwillingness to go to war as a weakness to exploit. Today, just as happened in 1939, there is an evil afoot which everyone has to take a stand against. Cancer spreads through the body to destroy it and the evil around in 1939 and 2001 has to be stood up to. War isn’t the answer to all problems but when someone sees an opposition to war they try to exploit this to further the cancerous spread of their poison.