From the heart let it start to spread to everyone

by davebarclay1954

Well, I’ve finally got my laptop back at the cost of a week’s work, I said I would need it delivered on a Saturday and kept getting told that it will be delivered on a weekday to suit me. So I ended up having to put my start date back a week for the remainder of my training, this is not a satisfactory conclusion to the tale of my laptop but it does get worse.

I raised a complaint on September 21, 2017 and was told someone would get back to me within 2 working days. I found the next day the estimated delivery date for the laptop was changed to September 29, 2017.  Then at 20:00 when I checked my email the laptop had been picked up for onward transport to me at 16:54. I had no option but to ring in and advise the team I would not be able to do the training on the Monday as my laptop was being delivered on the Monday between 06:00-22:00. Because I wanted it back I decided to wait for delivery and if it arrived before 08:30 I’d also go into work, later than that and I’d take the day off and then contact the heating engineer to have the shower looked at again as it’s still not working as it should.

When 08:30 came I rang my manager and told her that I would not be in that day, then I contacted the engineer and asked if he could call in later that day. I got a text message from DPD to advise my laptop would be delivered between 10:47 and 11:47 so I went out and did the shopping I would have done on my way home had I gone to work. Arriving back home at 10:45 I knew I was within the delivery window. 11:30 the laptop was delivered and it had had a lot of work done to get it working again.

The screen had been replaced and was not attached properly, the mother board had been replaced but the keyboard had not been fully fitted and a few other bits and pieces had been done before the laptop was shipped, had I not complained they would have refitted everything and then shipped it out to me. Had they told me that it was still in the process of being fixed then I would have waited. On the service page it clearly states that if there are any issues with the repair then I would be kept advised of the delays, anticipated times to get parts and kept advised of when to expect the return of my repaired laptop.

No surprise then that I had been the one chasing for information, never got a straight answer from anyone and, of course, no call regarding my complaint. By Wednesday I was tired of waiting for someone to contact me so I contacted the CEO and told him the full story of my complaint and repair. Then on Thursday I received a reply saying it had been passed to the nearest English speaking customer care team to try and resolve. The following day I was asked to provide my contact details to someone in Ireland who would call me at a convenient time between 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri to discuss my issue and attempt to resolve it. Needless to say my reply re-iterated my working times of 09:00-17:30 Mon-Fri and asking for details of someone I could contact outside working hours or when I arrive home at 18:00.

No surprise I’ve heard nothing back since. They could always pass my details to someone in the US who works when I’m at home but, apparently, that would be too sensible a solution to deal with a complaint. Let me know what you think in the replies section.