See all without doing

by davebarclay1954

Well, it’s been a whole week now without my laptop and no news about it’s return. I’m fed up waiting, but as my files were backed up that’s not going to be an issue for me. It’s just being unable to write anymore is kind of frustrating. I’m sure someone like you, dear reader, will understand the frustration I feel.

Anyway, I have heard some really bad things have been happening to another human being, this man and his family live in England and because his family name is similar to that of the Manchester bomber, no other reason for it, he was reported to the police as a terrorist and investigated before being cleared. Those who accused him weren’t satisfied that he wasn’t arrested so they firebombed his business, threatened his whole family and are making his life hell. Who are the terrorists here? They are the white Christians who are targeting a Muslim family whose surname is similar to that of a suicide bomber. Not even the same just similar.

I’m against violence but I’m not prepared to say nothing when an innocent family is being targeted in this manner. I’m sure that the police would have looked into the background of this Muslim very carefully and, in this country someone is innocent until proven guilty. Those terrorists who have made it their duty to deny this man and his family to operate a business and follow their religion peacefully should be arrested, charged and sent for trial as terrorists.

Nothing is more outrageous than someone taking the time to destroy a reputation and prevent another person from living peacefully and safely in this once great country of ours.