Oh Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood

by davebarclay1954

Last weekend I went to the Cairngorms and had a trip on the Funicular railway up the mountain. The view from the top was stunning and so quiet outside. However when I went into the cafe to get a drink it was deafening, how can so few people talking hurt the ears so much?

Anyway, on my return home I thought I’d take the opportunity to get my laptop fixed, the left hand hinge as you look at the screen is broken which means the lid won’t close without damaging the screen. I arranged to have it picked up on Monday as the boiler is being looked at then, only to find on my return home on the Thursday that the courier had called then to pick the laptop up. Go figure how the 4 Sept became 31 Aug!

Anyhoo I thought I would also mention something else that happened last week, there’s a park near here and a young lady (in her twenties according to the news report) was raped while walking home. Is it just me or does anyone else think that rapists should get a minimum sentence of 15 years for this crime? Of course that’s on conviction, can’t give them jail time without. It just boils my urine to think that a human being can mistreat another human being that way and expect a pat on the back. There’s never any need for rape, it’s purely about domination over another. That’s never ever a good thing.

Women are never to blame for being attacked in this way, yet the victim always feels that it’s her fault. I’m thinking that maybe the education system would be better served by teaching our children how to behave in society and to have respect for everyone. Just to counteract the prejudice and hatred that a lot of children experience at home.

Anyway, that’s all I really want to say because everyone has the right to dress as they please, love whoever they want to and feel safe at any time of day. Even if a woman is naked she still has the right to say no and be left alone. Had I chanced upon this attack I would not have stood idly by, enough hatred in this world without someone resorting to violence or intimidation of others.